• In The Community Jigsaws

    A set of six beautifully illustrated wooden jigsaws showing people who help us - dentist, police, optician, pharmacist, doctor and nurse. Age: 3 years+.• Size: 300mm(w) x 200mm(h)• Each puzzle has 12 pieces• Set of 6 puzzles

  • First Experiences Pack

    This set of 4 mini books are a great way to encourage children to talk about their first experiences. Age: 2 years+.• Set of 4 includes: Going to the Doctor, Going to the Dentist, Going to Hospital and Going to School.• Paperback• Each book contains 16 pages• Size: 150mm x 150mm

  • Dentist Costume

    Polyester "bi-stretch"two part set with authentic prints, and including facemask. Age: 3-5 years+.

  • Dental X-Rays

    …The pack also includes examples of wearing protective mouth gear, tooth injuries and infections. This is a great tool for teaching kids how regular visits to the dentist are an essential part of teeth maintenance.Contains:• 15 X-rays• Teeth chart• Teeth guide• Size: 115mm x 255mm

  • Tricky Times Social Situation Stories

    Cover the basics of how to develop personalised stories to help children understand common everyday situations. Examples include: Christmas play, inset days, fire alarm, seeing the dentist and moving house. Age: 3 years+.• Paperback• 66 pages• Size: A4

  • Flowchart Sequencing Cards

    …allowing students to understand and then build up the basic steps for everyday tasks creating a flowchart. The scenarios include Tea Maker, Robot Dentist and Automated Sweet Sorter. They teach the very basics of programs and programming in a hands-on manner and are ideal to teach the Computing…

  • Light Up Phones

    …technology and communication skills to encourage lively conversations and role play scenarios. Who will you call? Will it be the garage, the dentist or the queen? A great resource for experimenting, exploring and making connections. Press a button, hear the individual sound and see the phone…

  • People Who Help Us Jigsaw Puzzles

    Chunky wooden jigsaws that can be made flat or stood upright. Discuss people who help us, including a dentist, nurse, plumber, policeman, firewoman and gardener. Age: 3 years+.• Size of each puzzle: 50mm(w) x 12mm(d) x 150mm(h)• Set of 6, with 3 pieces each

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