Digital Thermometer

  • Electronic Clinical Ear Thermometer

    An easy-to-use thermometer that provides accurate results. • Supplied in a protective bag with full instructions• 20 ear covers included• Replacement covers available separately• Centigrade and Fahrenheit switchable

  • Digital Thermometer

    A great, easy-to-use digital thermometer.• Safe, fast and professional accuracy• Takes oral and underarm readings• Fahrenheit and Centigrade options• Sold singly

  • Electronic Maximum / Minimum Thermometer

    …max/min electronic thermometer with temperature memory. Instant and accurate reading for a wide range of applications.• Indoor temperature range: 0°C to +50°C• Outdoor temperature range: -50°C to +70°C• Freeze alert function• Large, clear digital display•…

  • Dometic DS301H Counter Top Pharmacy Fridge

    The Dometic DS301H is the perfect solution for keeping heat sensitive medicines between +2 to +8°C.• Internal fan• Digital thermometer• Lockable door with alarm• Right hand hung which is easily reversible• Wall mountable• Size: 422mm(w) x 393mm(d) x 580mm(h)•…

  • Dometic DS601H Counter Top Pharmacy Fridge

    The Dometic DS601H includes a digital thermometer to display the actual inside temperature. It also displays the min and max temperatures from the last reset.• Internal fan• Digital thermometer• Lockable door includes alarm and LED light for when it's open too long• Size:…

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