Digital Timer

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  • Jumbo Timer

    This handy sized timer with digital display can time up or down from 59 seconds to 99 minutes with a beeping alarm to notify when the time set has been reached. Having dual power functionality they are always charged and ready to go. • Size: 65mm(l) x 65mm(h) x 13mm(d)

  • Digital Laboratory Stopclock

    This bench top timer is easy to use and is particularly suited for use in schools. It has colour coded buttons and a clear LCD display, housed in a robust ABS casing. The timer is highly accurate and has count up with lap and split timing features.• Timing period: up to 9 hours, 59 minutes and…

  • Digital Timer

    Chunky soft touch timer with stopwatch. Will time up or down to 24 hours. Display shows hours, minutes and seconds.

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