• Maths Mastery Sets

    …number facts, giving children the opportunity to build their confidence and speed of recall before moving on to the next set.• Available Sets: Addition, Subtraction, Early Multiplication, Multiplication, Early Division, Division and Partitioning Numbers• Domino size: 80mm(l) x 40mm(h)

  • Multiplication & Division Bingo

    …up to 7 players, with one player acting as a bingo caller. These fast-paced games will encourage pupils to work out the multiplication and division questions quickly and accurately. Level 1 deals with the 2, 5 and 10 times tables, while the more advanced Level 2 will teach children their…

  • Multiplication and Division Crunchers

    2, 5 and 10 Multiplication and Division Crunchers. A set of the ever popular maths bones featuring multiplication and division of the numbers 2, 5 and 10.• Size: 60mm x 210mm• Pack of 72

  • Multiplication and Division Facts

    A set of flash cards to support the development and quick recall of multiplication and division facts up to 12 x 12. Each card has a multiplication or division question on the front with the answer on the reverse.

  • Division Number Crunchers

    …that can be used time and time again! Division Crunchers; 2 divided by ? = 10 OR ? divided by 2 = 10 OR 20 divided 2 = ? You decide! 100 bones with a special plastic slider that conceals any one part of the tables at a time. Each set contains all the division tables from 1 divided by 0 = 0 to 100…

  • Wooden Rulers

    Hardwood ruler marked on both edges; one edge labelled left to right, the other in reverse.• Marked in cm and mm• Available in 2 lengths• Sold singly

  • Times Tables Book

    Times tables book with two pages for multiplication tables from 1 to 12.• 24 pages, A5 size• One page displays the tables and space to practice, overleaf a test layout with additional division tasks• Pack of 30

  • Dry Wipe Number Fact Boards

    Engage your children and build number fact fluency with these dry wipe boards. These familiar double sided boards are perfectly suited to focus on addition and subtraction on one side and multiplication and division on the reverse.• Pack of 5

  • Foam Arrays

    A brilliant new hands-on product to help develop deep understanding of multiplication and division The foam arrays are designed to carry the multiplication facts they represent on one side and the images of these calculations on the other.

  • Smart Chute Mental Maths Recall

    …medium to practise and rehearse these facts, without the process becoming tiresome.Contains:• 1 x Smart Chute• 13 x Smart Chute Set: Addition Levels 1, 2 and 3; Subtraction Levels 1, 2 and 3; Doubles or Halves Levels 1 and 2; Division Levels 1 and 2; and Multiplication Levels 1, 2 and 3

  • Number Beads

    …to hide a number for the child to identify. Beads are numbered 0-10 and also included are colour coded operations (plus, minus, multiplication, division and equals) which make calculations easy to put together whilst developing fine motor skills. Age: 3 years+.• 116 beads and 12 strings (66…

  • Base Ten Group Set

    …tens, hundreds and thousands and can help children visualise numbers when learning basic addition, subtraction as well as multiplication and division in 10s. Each block is marked in centimetre squares to highlight how each unit relates to it. Includes: • 4 x 100mm³ red blocks • 30 x 100mm² blue…

  • Bumper Maths Games Kit

    …Decimals and Fractions Bingo • Money Bingo • Counting Buzzle • Addition 1-10 Buzzle • Addition 1-20 Buzzle • Subtraction 1-10 Buzzle • Subtraction 11-20 Buzzle • Multiplication 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 Buzzle • Multiplication 6, 7, 8 and 9 Bingo • Division Bingo

  • Polyhedra Dice Set

    …sided dice, 1-12• 10 x 6 sided dice, numbered 1-6• 30 x 6 sided dice, spotted 1-6• 12 x 6 sided dice, blank, white• 10 x 6 sided, addition and subtraction• 10 x 6 sided dice, division and multiplication• 10 x 4 sided dice• 10 x 8 sided dice• 10 x 20 sided dice

  • Smart Chute Understanding Number Value

    …to 20; Numbers and Patterns; Odd or Even?; Positioning and Ordering to 100; Ten Frames to 50; Random Frames; Visual Addition (number bonds to 20); Visual Subtraction (number bonds to 20); Rounding; Place Value to 1000; Place Value Level 2; Visual Multiplication; Visual Fractions; and Visual Division

  • Number Smart Red Phase Kit

    …numbers to 100; place value in 2-digit numbers; adding and subtracting to 20 and introduce, doubling, halving, fractions, multiplication and division (totals within 20) in fun non-threatening ways. Just pick a set needed for a particular learning objective and away you go! All of the resources…

  • Flip-It Multiplication Class Pack - x2, x5, x10

    …in their times table practice. No more need for endless repetitive worksheets or books.• Fun, multi-sensory daily times table practice for Y2 classes• A class solution for recalling Y2 multiplication and division facts• Perfect for pupils working in groups of 3• Pack of 10

  • Numicon Number Rod Track

    Useful for teaching place value, partitioning, multiplication and division. Decade sections fit together to total 100cm.• 1-100cm Number Rod Track• Size: 61mm x 212mm

  • Two Colour Counters

    A versatile manipulative, ideal for exploring concepts of number. These double-sided counters are an easy way to teach addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, fractions, place value and algebra.• Made from plastic• Pack of 200• Size: 25mm(dia.)

  • Place Value Counters with Workcards

    …counters, 100 each of green hundreds, yellow tens and red units. These counters have many uses including place value, counting, sorting and division. Fully compatible and colour coded to match existing place value products.• Comes complete with 8 double sided work cards• Size: 26mm x…

  • BrainBox Maths Pack Years 3 and 4

    Covering topics including multiplication and division, measurement and statistics on the 120 cards, this pack will become an invaluable resource in any classroom.• Contents: 120 BrainBox cards, 1 x 30 second sand timer, 1 x 10 second sand timer, 2 x 8 sided dice

  • 7 Maths Board Games

    …seven learning objectives, Adding and Subtracting Negative Numbers; Multi-digit Addition and Subtraction; Multi-digit Multiplication and Division; Place Value to Millions; Multi-digit and Roman Numeral Word Problems; Introduction to Algebra; and Calculating Time.Contains:• Spinners•…

  • 50 Ten Frame Activity Cards

    …Topics include: numbers, number bonds, addition, subtraction, counting, grouping, equal sharing, skip counting, bridging, multiplication and division. The front side provides teaching objectives, resources used and procedure. The other side provides visual examples.• Size: 1880mm x 210mm…

  • 50 Bead String Activity Cards

    …numbers, and, estimation, groupings, addition, subtraction, place value, compliments, big numbers, rounding, halving, doubles, skip counting, multiplication, division, remainders, negative numbers, proportion, ratios, fractions, percentages and equivalences• Size: 1880mm x 210mm x 1210mm

  • 50 Place Value Activity Cards

    …activity cards and 1 contents card• Topics include: decades, Ty numbers, adding in tens, adding in hundreds, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, thousands, number bonds, groupings, multiples rounding, big numbers, decimals, fraction equivalences.• Size: 1880mm x 210mm x 1210mm

  • The Café

    Items from The Café are an ideal tool to help with tasks such as mental maths, money work, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Each item of food has a price between 1p and 10p printed on one side allowing questions to be posed to children to find the answers.Set includes:• 55…

  • 50 Base Ten Activity Cards

    …subitising, problem solving, ordering, grouping, Ty numbers, place value, estimation, addition, trading, subtraction, doubling, halving, multiplication, squares, division, remainders, prime numbers, measure, volume, surface area, percentages, decimals and factors• Size: 1880mm x 210mm x 1210mm

  • Connecting Number Rods

    …children. Each rod has a number on one side and a corresponding number of dots on the reverse side. Our rods join together with ease, and tackle a number of different mathematical areas such as addition and subtraction, and multiplication and division. • Available in pack of 64 or 128 pieces

  • Matchmatics Maths Game

    Develop mental calculation strategies and instant recall of multiplication, division, addition and subtraction facts with these challenging games. Each game contains 80 colourful equation tiles and 40 tiles with an = sign. Tiles can be matched with other tiles where the answer to the equation is the…

  • Cuisenaire® Rods

    This introductory set of Cuisenaire Rods can be used to reinforce a variety of numeracy skills; Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Decimals, Patterns, Algebra, Probability, Statistics, Geometry and Measurement. The set contains ten different lengths of Cuisenaire Rods, each…

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