• Baby Bath and Potty Set

    Perfect for little hands, this sweet Bath and Potty set comes complete with everything children need for bath time and toilet training their dolly. Playing with a doll inspires fun imaginative play. Age: 3 years+.• Set of 7 pieces

  • Dolly Pegs

    Decorate these wooden dolly pegs to make small figures. Add paint, glitter, feathers or pom poms to create something unique!• Natural • Size: 110mm(l)• Pack of 24

  • 2000 Folding Chair Transport Dolly

    This transport dolly will help to eliminate the problem of storage in premises where space is restricted and facilitate easy transportation.• Supplied empty• Size: 1130mm(w) x 470mm(d) x 1200mm(h)• 1500mm(h) with chairs• Maximum storage: 40 chairs • Weight: 11kg

  • BIG DEAL 2200 Folding Chair Transport Trolley and Chair Bundles

    Great value bundles including trolley + 40 chairs. Trolley can also be purchased without chairs.•Trolley Size: 1130mm(w) x 470mm(d) x 1200mm(h) •1500mm(h) with chairs• Maximum storage: 40 chairs • Weight: 11kg

  • Collage Pack

    A great resource for the classroom, this pack includes a wide range of collage materials.• Pack contains: assorted ribbons, lace, sequins, braid, fringe, pipe cleaners, buttons, feathers, felt, lolly sticks, 5 dolly pegs, 10 corks and bag of coloured matchsticks • Contents may vary

  • 2200 Series Folding Chair

    …polypropylene folding chair. Ideal for use in multi-seating venues.• Polypropylene for lightness and toughness• Stacks neatly on transport dolly• Grey frame • Conforms to BS 4875-1:2001 (test level 4)• Size: 450mm(w) x 550mm(d) x 820mm(h)• Seat height: 450mm• Sold…

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