Double Sided Sellotape

  • Sellotape® Double-Sided Tape

    • Versatile tape coated both sides with a strong adhesive• Ideal for display, mounting and exhibition work• Tissues tape is easy to tear by hand for ease of use• "Easy to remove" backing • 33m length

  • Sellotape® Sticky Fixers

    Double-sided adhesive pads for permanent mounting.• Solvent free• Safe and easy for children to use• Pad size; 12mm x 25mm• 140 pads

  • Pampers Baby Dry Nappy Pants

    …by tearing the sides. Simple to dispose of by rolling and securing with the tape.• 360° Fit provides leakage protection whilst sleeping• Flexible all-around waistband that adapts to baby’s tummy• Super absorbent core that absorbs wetness instantly• Double leg cuffs to prevent…

  • Plastic Safety Wall Mirrors

    These mirrors are made from Styrene, a high impact material that will withstand a 'direct hit'. Age: birth+.• All mirrors have rounded edges for safety• Mirrors do not come with pre-drilled holes but are safe to drill if desired; mirrors can also be mounted using sticky pads, double-sided…

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