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  • Wooden Axles

    Hardwood dowel packs, ideal for use as axles in vehicle modelling.• Available in 3 diameters• Length: 600mm• Pack of 100

  • Hardwood Dowel Packs

    A wide range of hardwood dowels in a variety of diameters and pack sizes.• Length: 600mm (approx)• Available in 9 diameters• Sold as packs of 10 or 100• Made from Birch

  • Dowel Pack - Assorted

    Assorted 170-piece pack of dowels, ideal for all sorts of design and construction projects.Contains:• 20 x 3mm • 100 x 4mm • 10 x 5mm • 20 x 6mm • 10 x 10mm • 5 x 13mm • 2 x 16mm • 1 x 19mm • 1 x 22mm • 1 x 25mm• Length: all 600mm

  • 4 Sided Space Saver Easel

    The four sided easel comes with a strong clear plastic cube and tough resin frame set on 4 locking casters. Great for both indoor and outdoor use. The easel includes 4 large trays, 2 dowel rails and 16 easel clips.• Size including trays: 620mm(w) x 620mm(d) x 1110mm(h)

  • Nest & Lace Shapes

    Little hands explore chunky, geometric shapes and the negative spaces between with the colourful blocks of Nest and Lace Shapes. Lacing the chunky rubberwood puzzle pieces, with the patterns on the activity cards, encourages sequencing and matching skills while also subtly introducing colour theory…

  • Bagatelle

    Based on the original Corinthian bagatelle dating from the 1930's, the aim of the game is to achieve the maximum score by landing the balls in scoring areas.With metal cups for the authentic sound but made with wood dowels instead of nails in order to ensure maximum safety.• Wood dowels instead…

  • Fairgrounds D&T Classpack

    Created by Caroline Alliston, a mechanical engineer, these kits are ideal for a class of thirty KS1 pupils. Bring cross-curricular STEM learning to life! Kit contains; 30 x Task boxes, 100 x 54mm diameter wooden wheels, 100 x Mixed diameter wooden wheels, 10 x Corrugated plastic card sheets, 50 x…

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