Dust Pan And Brush

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  • Colour Coded Dustpan & Brush Set

    • Rubber lip enhances sweeping effectiveness• Hanging hole ideal for storage purposes• Lightweight and durable• Available in 4 colours

  • Large Heavy-Duty Dustpan & Brush Set

    A heavy-duty PVC dustpan with a wooden hand brush.• Rubber lip enhances sweeping effectiveness• Hardwearing and durable• Sold as a set

  • Dustpan and Brush Set

    • Rubber lip enhances sweeping effectiveness• Serrated edge surrounds dustpan to help remove stubborn dirt and grime from the hand brush• Black/chrome• Sold as a set

  • 3 Piece Brush Set

    3 piece long broom with dustpan and brush. 4 assorted colours. Age 3 years+.• Size: 530mm(l)

  • Long Handled Dustpan & Brush Set

    • Compact design, ideal for storage if space is an issue• Broom can be clipped to the dustpan handle which offers convenience • Upright dustpan improves the stance, avoiding backache• Hanging cap for storage purposes

  • Watercolour Brush Set

    Specially selected set of brushes for use with water colour paint.• High quality sable substitute brushes• One each of size 1, 2,3, 6 and flat brush size 3• Size: 165-220mm(l) x 3-14mm(w)• Pack of 5

  • Premium Paint Brushes

    Super quality, thick, pure bristle paint brush with natural wood beavertail handle and stainless steel ferrule. Offers outstanding painting performance with both water and oil based coatings.• The complete set of 5 includes sizes: 19, 25, 40, 50 and 75mm

  • Daler Rowney Aquafine Classic Brush Set

    Aquafine water colour brushes are made from carefully selected dark tipped, sable-like filaments. They offer both good colour holding and pointing and are durable in use - an ideal alternative to sable.• Set includes: 1 x Rigger size 4, 1 x Flat Shader size 6 and Round sizes 1 and 4

  • Premium Acrylic Paint Brush Set

    An assortment of superior synthetic painting brushes in a zipped folding case. They are ideal for use with acrylic paints. The fine points and edges are ideal for detailed artwork. Durable and flexible filaments with a good spring. The long handles help to improve balance, ideal for the…

  • System 3 Classic Brush Set

    System 3 brushes are resilient and durable and were developed for use with System 3 acrylics. The brushes have a unique balanced handle design to make them more flexible and comfortable. The new synthetic filament offers style and longevity.• Set includes 1 x each round sizes 0 and 4, 1 x…

  • Lobby Dustpan & Brush Set

    An ergonomic way of sweeping the floor. The long handle means you don't have to bend down which reduces backache when cleaning.• Handle length: 1000mm

  • Messy Mark Making Brushes Head Set

    A versatile set of different brush heads which screw on to standard-sized bottles (not included). These brush heads are perfect to use indoors or outdoors for all kinds of messy and mark-making activities. Use them on paper with bright paints, or even fill with water and spray on fencing.• Suitable…

  • Golden Nylon Long Flat Brushes

    • One each of size 4, 6, 8, 10, 12• Size: 6.5-12mm(w) x 290-315mm(l)• Set of 5

  • Brushes set

    …patterns and supporting hand-eye coordination. The children can use them to sweep different materials such as fine sand, flour or oats. Use these brushes in the home-corner to keep it all beautifully tidy. Age: 3 years+•Pack of 6•Largest brush 350mm x 250mm, Smallets brush 130mm x 7mm

  • Short Handle Brushes

    A set of four stubby brushes with brightly coloured plastic handles. The extra-short, chunky handles make it easy for smaller hands to grip. An ideal first set of painting brushes.• Assorted colours• Pack of 4

  • Outdoor Art Brushes

    Decorator style brushes ideal for fieldwork, blocking/shading and for painting backgrounds.• Size: 25mm(w), 38mm(w) and 50mm(w) x 200mm-235mm(l) depending on width • Pack of 3

  • Playscope Treasure Basket Top Up Sets

    Perfect to supplement any treasure basket or use on their own, the top-up sets come in four varieties: wood, metal, natural and brushes. They each contain approximately 10-12 unusual items, picked for maximum sensory interest with a Gingham bag for storage. Age: 3 years+.• Supplied with…

  • Henry and Hetty Cleaning Trolleys

    Provides a handy trolley to carry the latest Henry simulated mops, with fabric floor cloth. Supplied with long handled brush, dust pan and hand brush, simulated detergent bottle, and paper debris container. Age: 3 years+.• Size: 120mm(w) x 270mm(d) x 270mm(h)

  • Greek Archaeo-Box

    Explore the rich heritage of the Ancient Greeks. Packed with artefacts exploring mythology, entertainment, games and much more. Includes trowel and brush set and a handy storage box.Contains:• 1 x 15cm Corinthian Hydria• 4 x Replica Greek Coins• 2 x Theatrical Masks• 1 x 8cm Oil…

  • Doll's Changing Mat Set

    This changing mat set keeps dolls dry and clean in style. It includes a cushioned changing mat, re-usable play nappy, real brush and comb, pretend talc, cream, wipes and a plastic container. Suitable for dolls up to 460mm. Age: 3 years+.• Doll not included• Approx size: 500mm x 300mm x…

  • Texture Wands

    Create fascinating effects with these textured wands, allowing children to experiment with textures as they brush them onto paper. • Set 1: thin strips, net strip, folded sponge, rough sponge• Set 2: wavy strips, thin folded strips, thick strips, chunky foam strips• Pack of 4

  • Beginners' Painting Set

    Suitable for a variety of paintwork.Pack contains:• 1 x 30 Hog Short Round Brushes (sizes 8, 12, 18)• 4 x 8-pot Paint Pot Tray• 5 x 6-well Economy Palette• 5 x Single Inking Tray• 2 x Pattern Foam Rollers pack of 6• 1 x Assorted Foam Rollers pack of 9

  • Glass Painting Christmas Decorations

    …window decorations can be painted with glass paints. Each shape features a hanging hole.• Set includes: Shapes, 4 pots of paint (red, blue, green, yellow), a brush and golden thread for hanging• 3 each of 8 different Christmas theme designs• Size: 80mm(dia.) approx.• Pack of 24

  • Painting Disc Set

    Value for money set containing 12 x 30mm discs and paint brush.• Classpack of 16 sets

  • Simply Gouache

    Ideal for use with watercolour brushes, pads, sheets and watercolour boards.• Colours: white, yellow ochre, black, coeruleum, ultramarine, lemon yellow, vermilion, burnt sienna, burnt umber, spa green, viridian and crimson• 12ml tubes• Pack of 12

  • Wooden Massage Set

    A wooden set of various items including massage rollers and brushes. Add to a treasure basket to offer different textures. This item is not a toy and children should be supervised by an adult. Age: 3 years+.• Basket size: 200mm(dia)• Set of 8 pieces• Contents may vary

  • Mark Making Kit 2

    …contains:• 1 x Easi-Grip Brush Size 10• 1 x Easi-Grip Brush Size 14• 1 x Easi-Grip Brush Size 18• 1 x Easi-Grip Double Ended Brushes pack of 3• 1 x Easi-Grip Double Ended Dough and Paint Tools pack of 3• 1 x Easi-Grip Giant Brush• 1 x Easi-Grip Mini Texture Wands…

  • Body Massage Sensory Bag

    …Bag• 1 x Body Brush Set• 3 x Animal Massagers• 4 x Smoothies• 1 x 4 Finger Massager• 1 x Massage Hair Brush• 4 x Body Brushes• 1 x Bobo Massager• 1 x Massage Car• 2 x Masse• 1 x Tortoise Massager• 1 x Handheld Massage Brush• 1 x 8 Roller…

  • Student Pack - Kit 3

    …Pink Pig Sketch Book (150gsm, 35 pages)• Faber-Castell Sketch Pencils pk6• Staedtler Noris Colouring Pencils pk12• Watercolour Paint Tin• Watercolour Brush Set pk5• Stabilo Black Fine Line Pen• Metal Wedge Double Hole Sharpener• Pencil Eraser• Brands may vary

  • Student Pack - Kit 4

    …pk6• Staedtler Noris Colouring Pencils pk12• Pentel Pastels pk24• Daler Rowney Simply Watercolour Tubes pk12• Watercolour Brush Set pk5• Stabilo Fine Line Pens Assorted Colours pk10• Metal Wedge Double Hole Sharpener• Putty Rubber• Pritt Power Glue Stick•…

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