Easy Grip

  • Consortium Premium Easy-Grip Pencils

    Premium quality easy-grip pencils using wood from well managed forests.• Chunky triangular shape• HB grade pencil• Available in packs of 72

  • Easy Grip Brushes

    These chunky brushes are designed for easy grip. The super anti-roll design helps stop drips when the brush is stood on its end.• Round head• Pack of 10

  • Easi-Grip Modelling Wheels

    Use the fun modelling wheels in dough, ready mixed paint and paint pads to create exciting and fun patterns. Ideal for little hands due to the soft grip handle.• Pack of 4

  • Easy Grip Pattern Makers

    Easy grip pattern makers, ideal for little hands. Use them to create fun and interesting designs. Use with ready mix paint.• Pack of 4

  • Easy Hold Colour Panels

    These transparent coloured acrylic sheets (red, blue and yellow) are sealed inside hardwood frames with easy grip handles. Looking through them children will see the world in different colours, or they can use more than one to create new colours. Ideal resource for light boxes and panels. Age: 12…

  • Consortium Easy-Grip Triangular Colouring Pencils

    Great quality triangular pencils ideal for developing colouring skills, perfect for small hands.• 12 assorted colours• FSC certified

  • Easy Grip Crayons

    These easy grip crayons are ideal for small hands. Great for encouraging mark making and creativity.• Assorted colours• Supplied in a tub with carry handle• Pack of 6 • Refill pack consists of 6 colours: Red, Yellow, Blue, Pink, Green and Black

  • Easy Grip Brushes

    These easy grip brushes are ideal for small hands. Enabling younger children to experiment with paint and producing different shapes and textures. The brushes have natural easy grip handles with white bristles.• Design: Cross, swirl, star and line • Pack of 4

  • Easy Grip Groove Balls

    An inverted triangle design vinyl ball with a tactile surface. These balls have a soft feel with a high bounce and can be re-inflated using a standard pump. • Colours may vary • Available in 3 diameters• Pack of 6

  • STABILO® EASYoriginal Handwriting Pen

    …a pen to help children with their handwriting.• Supplied with a blue ink cartridge • Available in right or left handed versions• Grip zone made from comfortable non-slip material• Line width 0.5mm• Refills available in packs of 6 in blue and black ink• Sold singly

  • World Hand Bell

    Festive sounding sleigh bells with 5 bells and easy grip handle. • Pack of 2

  • Jingle Bells

    Delightful bells with a comfortable easy grip. • Size: 125mm(l)• Assorted colours• Pack of 2

  • Vegetable/Potato Peelers

    • Popular fixed and movable blade styles • Easy grip handle and protected blade• Easy grip peeler - Y shaped peeler• Standard peeler - Peeler with orange handle• Sold singly

  • Rainbow Shaker

    Great for introducing younger children to percussion with its textured, easy grip for small hands. • Height: 90mm• Sold singly

  • Medium-Duty Wheelbarrow

    Black body with ergonomic easy grip handles.• Pneumatic wheel 310mm diameter• Pan size: 600mm(w) x 800mm(l) x 200mm(h)• Sold singly

  • Dinosaur Paint Stampers

    Large easy grip stampers featuring coloured handle and clear base for easy image positioning. Made from sturdy easy clean plastic. • Size: 76mm (dia.)• Pack of 14

  • Multicoloured Tug of War Rope

    A soft easy grip tug of war cotton rope with a 60cm centre point. Ideal for all sports days. • Size: 10m• Weight: 4.5kg• Sold singly

  • Multi-Purpose Sponges

    This multi-purpose cleaning sponge is durable and ideal for washing down any large surface. Shaped for easy gripping.• Size: 220mm x 120mm x 55mm• Pack of 10

  • Consortium Permanent Markers

    Premium quality triangular barrel permanent marker.• Triangular shaped barrel for easy grip• Black bullet tip with non-toxic ink• Not to be used on whiteboards• Pack of 10

  • Long Loop Training Scissors

    Easy grip scissors, lightweight with a continuous loop plastic handle.• Operated by squeezing gently using thumb and fingers or fingers and palm of the hand • Automatically reopens when the pressure is released• Available as right or left-handed• Sold singly

  • BIC® Cristal Ballpoint Pens

    Hexagonal shape for easy grip with a quality carbide ball for smooth writing.• Write out length: 2100m • 2 nib sizes available, medium 1mm and fine 0.8mm• Ventilated cap• Available in 4 colours• Box of 50

  • Consortium Triangular Whiteboard Marker Classbox

    Premium quality bullet tip whiteboard marker with an easy to grip barrel. Includes a clear polypropylene box for easy access and storage. • Triangular shape easy to grip barrel• Medium 2mm bullet tip• Black• Pack of 50• Size: 355mm(w) x 100mm(d) x 70mm(h)• Sold as set

  • Lyra Graphite Crayons

    Woodless graphite crayons ideal for spreading graphite shade quickly over paper or card. The chunky half length design gives an easy grip.• Pack of 12- grade 2B• Pot of 24- 8 each of 2B, 6B and 9B

  • Geared Head Compass

    The geared head means that this plastic compass can easily be used with pencils, pens or felt tips and has a large, easy grip.• Self-centering mechanism• Patented safety point• Supplied with 90mm pencil• Pack of 25

  • STABILO® Trio Thick Colouring Pencil Classpack

    Thick, ergonomic design pencils with a triangular shape for an easy grip for small hands, large size pencils make for easy colouring and drawing.• Rich colour application• Large size for easy colouring• Ideal for children of all abilities• Lead diameter 4.2mm• 12 bright…

  • Creative Brushes

    These fun creative brushes have chunky easy grip handles the perfect size for small hands. The brushes have soft bristles at the tip with a different pattern ready for creating interesting pictures and designs. • Size: 100mm(l) x 40mm(dia.) • Pack of 4

  • Forest Spin Seesaw

    The forest seesaw is the traditional seesaw with a twist! The seesaw has easy grip plastic handles and moulded plastic seats. Not only does the forest seesaw bounce up and down it also spins 360°. Age: 3 years+.• Play circle: 1950mm• Size: 360mm(w) x 2050mm(l) x 560mm(h)• Weight…

  • Giant Textured Paint and Sand Rollers Pack

    Excellent giant textured rollers. Includes brick pattern, wavy lines, tractor tread, smoothing roller and pathway. They have brightly coloured easy grip handles - perfect for little hands. Can be used with art products or in sand or mud to explore textures!• Suitable for 10 months +• Pack…

  • Bumper Bats and Rackets Kit

    …pack of bats and rackets, the perfect collection to help develop early racket skills. Varied sizes and types allow for development of hand-eye co-ordination.•8 x Short Handle Paddle Bats•4 x Long Handle Tennis Bats•8 x Short Handle Rackets with Balls•8 x Easy Grip Play Rackets

  • First-Play® Basketball

    This colourful rubber basketball is great for introducing children to basketball and also for developing hand eye co-ordination. Made with high grade rubber making it easy to grip and durable.• Size 3• Sold singly

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