Easy Hold

  • Easy Hold Plane Mirror

    Hand held acrylic mirror for self-reflection, group play and role play. Housed in a solid rubberwood outer, it's extremely strong and easy to hold. Age: 12 months+.• Size: 185mm(w) x 120mm(h) (mirror 80mm diameter)• Sold singly

  • Easy Hold Colour Panels

    These transparent coloured acrylic sheets (red, blue and yellow) are sealed inside hardwood frames with easy grip handles. Looking through them children will see the world in different colours, or they can use more than one to create new colours. Ideal resource for light boxes and panels. Age: 12…

  • Easy Access Paint Dispenser

    …securely in the varnished wooden frame. Silicone lined dispensing area for easy cleaning. Additional bottles available to add extra colours. • Dispenser size: H300 x W508 x D200mm• Refillable bottles packs, 5 in each pack, each bottle holds 1 litre• Not suitable to be left outdoors

  • Consortium First Mark Crayons

    Smooth wax crayon with even laydown of colour with minimum flaking. Easy to hold and hard to break. • 12 bright colours• Size: 70mm(l) x 13mm(dia.)

  • TTS Basic Calculators 36pk

    Kit your whole class out with this bulk value set of calculators.• 36 good quality calculators• Solar and battery powered (batteries included)• Shaped to be easy to hold

  • TTS Basic Calculators 36pk

    Kit your whole class out with this bulk value set of calculators.•36 good quality calculators•Solar and battery powered (batteries included)•Shaped to be easy to hold

  • Large Horseshoe Magnet

    Ideal for early experiences of magnetic forces, its size makes it robust and easy to hold. Age: 3 years+.• Plastic-coated• Marked North and South poles• Height: 210mm

  • Easi-Scope Microscope

    Look on in amazement at everyday things very close up with this easy to use microscope!This simple plug and play device attaches to your computer or laptop via USB and features LED lights to illuminate objects close up.Simply hold the Easi-Scope over the object, focus by turning the top then take…

  • Single Digit Swatch

    Numbers 0-9 and a decimal point arranged in a simple, easy-to-hold swatch. Printed black on yellow for visual clarity and durability.• Size: 115mm• Pack of 10

  • Cray-Pas Extra Wide Junior Oil Pastels

    An ideal pastel for the very young user. It is big and chunky and therefore very easy to hold. They are smooth and easy apply, ideal for mixing colours and applying them on top of each other.• Assorted colours• Size: 18mm(dia.)• Pack of 12

  • Pupil Money Fans

    Current British coins arranged in a simple, easy to hold swatch. Printed on tough plastic for durability.• 1 x £2, 1 x £1, 1 x 50p, 2 x 20p, 1 x 10p, 2 x 5p, 2 x 2p, 1x 1p• Pack of 10

  • Light Spinners

    Set of 2 prismatic projector lights which are easy to hold and have 3 different visual effects to explore. Press the button to activate the spinning lights and watch the display of multi-coloured lights and patterns. Great for a darkened room or dark den.• Includes 3 x AA batteries• Size:…

  • Chubbie Paint Dabbers

    These paint dabbers are easy to hold for small hands and much cleaner to use than paint. The good quality, quick drying paint is non-toxic and safe to use for children. Age: 3 years+.• Can be used on paper, card and fabric• Non spill cap • 75ml tubes• Assorted colour pack of 30…

  • Write Mark Classroom Drywipe Markers

    …barrels making them easy for children to hold, and premium hard-wearing nibs that prevent splaying. With a high ink capacity and a 24 hour cap-off time, Write Mark drywipe markers are designed to last longer in the classroom saving schools time and money. • Slim, easy to hold barrels• High…

  • Rustic Pourers

    …with a range of materials and will enhance sand, water and muddy play. Easy to hold, they can be used to scoop and pour liquids and solids. Ideal for exploring and comparing volumes, the shaped lip makes pouring intuitive and easy for young learners. Age: 18 months+.•Set of 3•Bowls measure…

  • Jumbo Fun Shapes Foam Beads

    These big, soft beads are easy for little hands to hold and lace! Bright colours and bold, fun, assorted shapes.• Size per bead: 20mm x 20mm with a 3.2mm hole (approx)• Pack of 500 pieces

  • tommee tippee® explora Cutlery Set

    Our first grown up cutlery set is intuitively designed to make your little one feel grown up at meal times. Lightweight and easy to hold, our cutlery allows your toddler to move from soft handled feeding spoons to metal cutlery easily. Age: 12 months+.• Pack includes fork, knife and spoon•…

  • Tape Measure

    A tough, nylon-reinforced plastic tape measure which is 1m(l) x 30mm(w). Chunky and easy to hold, with bold 1cm markings and 10cm increments. This handy tape is made from a flexible, non stretch and washable material. • Bold 1cm markings and 10cm increments• Size: 1000mm(l) x 30mm(w)•…

  • Sonata' Descant Recorders

    An easy to hold, align and clean recorder that produces an excellent sound quality, the perfect first instrument! Working with expert Advisers, Music Teachers and their pupils MES have developed this quality, budget friendly with three piece recorder that will last!• Pack of 30

  • Recordable Magnifying Glass

    Each magnifying glass is easy to hold and allows the child to record up to 30 seconds of sound. The recording function and play back makes assessment easier and focuses the child's attention on their observations without the pressure of having to write them down. Dual lens has 3x and 5x…

  • Value Binoculars Pack

    Lightweight and easy to carry or hold, these binoculars are great for exploring the outdoors. Each pair comes in their own carry case and have eyepieces with rubber cushions for comfort and safety. • 3x magnification• Pack of 6

  • Wooden Shape Sorter

    Chunky, tactile Shape Sorter blocks explore simple shapes and colors while encouraging cognitive development and kinesthetic learning. Appealing and easy-to-hold, screened rubberwood shapes have oversized knobs with soft-touch plastic grips to increase fine motor skills and coordination. The durable…

  • Rhythm Pals Mini Orchestra

    Rhythm Pals Mini Orchestra set has been designed so each instrument is easy to hold. Age: 6 months+. Set includes 4 instruments:• Mybell, 8 bright and bouncy bells to produce a cheerful jingle• Tambaring, 2 pairs of bright shiny jingles produce a light ringing sound• Rock 'n' Roll,…

  • Metallic Mini Construction Blocks

    These mini blocks combine a well-loved, open-ended resource with an engaging metallic finish. Light and easy to hold, the beautiful set will engage children as they play, design and construct. Use to stack and build, discuss properties or sort by shape. Encourage children to work together to build…

  • Black Hook and Loop Spots

    These Hook and Loop coins have an adhesive back for easy application to surfaces. Suitable for general purpose applications, such as displays and exhibits, they can be used in conjunction with each other for a firm hold that is easy to detach when required.• Colour: Black• Dimensions:…

  • Niels Larsen Traverse Indoor Panels

    The Indoor Traverse panels are made from 21mm plywood and have a lacquer finish making them easy to clean.• Each panel has 10 holds pre fitted• Panel size: 1200mm(w) x 400mm(h)• Set of 6 or 12

  • Simple Scales

    These simple scales are sturdy and easy to use. The large pans hold 1 litre of fluid. Indicators show when the balance is level/not level. The balance can be completely dismantled for storage. • Complete with product guide• Includes 5 x 5g and 5 x 10g weights • Assembled size: 340mm x…

  • Duo Dispenser

    The hygienic duo dispenser will leave surfaces clear and clean providing a long lasting easy dispensing solution. Ideal for holding 3 separate sizes of gloves with 1 roll of 69/27'' width aprons or bags.• Lightweight and durable• Wall mounted but removable, supplied with fittings• Manufactured…

  • Bucket Balance

    …learners will develop an understanding of weight and measurement with this balance. Both buckets can be removed from the balance and are easy for little hands to hold as they pour and measure the contents. The sturdy plastic buckets can be used with solids and liquids and feature a handy pouring…

  • Show-me® Ergo-Foam Dry Wipe Bats

    These super versatile, lightweight soft Foam Bats from Show-me are brilliant for quick-fire classroom activities. They are magnetic with drywipe surfaces on both sides and have easy-to-hold handles.• Excellent for encouraging class interaction• Made from durable, no noise foam in assorted…

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