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Easy Print Polystyrene Sheets

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  • Safeprint Foam Sheets

    White expanded polystyrene sheets, a safe alternative to printing with polymer blocks. Impressions can be made in the foam using blunt objects and can also be used in model making. Can be cut, painted and glued.• 3mm thick

  • Depron Foam / Safeprint Sheets

    …(3mm) and model making (4.5mm) foam materials. This product is ideal for modelling by cutting up, painting then gluing the pieces together. Why not build a model house?• White sheets • Suitable for polyprinting• Ozone-friendly• Size: 500mm x 380mm• Pack of 25 sheets

  • Foam Sheets

    Our colourful pack of foam sheets is perfect for your creative projects. Ideal for crafts, the simple sheets are easy to cut and stick, a brilliant classroom resource. • 16 colours includes: 7 each of black, blue, green, hot pink, light blue, lime green, orange, purple, red and yellow and 5…

  • Rapesco Heavy Duty Less Effort Hole Punch

    …force, so less effort needed, yet punches up to 50 sheets!• Stapling mechanism that requires a reduced effort up to 60%• ABS handle with metal base• Durable construction• Sheet capacity: 50 sheets• Lock down switch for easy storage• Adjustable paper guide• Flip…

  • Vocabulary Slips

    A brilliant tool to help understanding and revision of key vocabulary of any subject.• Easy and simple to use, non adhesive slips• Conveniently sized for easy storage• Size: 76mm x 180mm, 150 slips per pad• Pack of 5

  • Peer Review Slips

    Provides a very easy, straightforward way for pupils to assess and feed back to their peers, developing a vital life skill and providing evidence of pupil understanding and engagement.• Easy and simple to use, non adhesive slips• Conveniently sized for easy storage• Size: 76mm x 180mm, 150…

  • Sand Paper

    • Hook and loop for easy fitting • Size: 69mm(w) x 114mm(d)• Use by hand or attach to sanding block• Pack of 30 sheets: 10 sheets of 80 grit, 10 sheets of 180 grit and 10 sheets of 240 grit

  • Progress Slips

    A fantastic way to encourage reflection on progress made in class. This tool helps children to recap on previous objectives and to measure the progress made.• Easy and simple to use, non adhesive slips• Conveniently sized for easy storage• Size: 76mm x 180mm, 150 slips per pad• Pack of 5

  • Ultra Slide Sheets

    These slide sheets provide carer assistance for handling tasks, resulting in a safe transfer of residents. Provides added reassurance for tasks such as;• Turning for recovery, pressure care, change of dressing or cleaning, sitting a resident upright in bed, feeding, relief of chest pain…

  • Glitter PVC Sheets

    A superb fabric resource with that extra sparkle! Adds interest and dimension to any project. Easy to cut and a pleasure to work with. Lots of cross-curricular applications suitable for a range of ages and abilities. Can be glued, stapled, hand/machine stitched and punched making it extremely…

  • Polystyrene Cups

    White insulated polystyrene cups, suitable for hot or cold drinks.• Expanded polystyrene • Supplied with or without lids• Pack of 1,000

  • Polystyrene Wreaths

    These blank polystyrene wreaths are great for decorating and creating displays.• Size: 220mm(dia.)• Pack of 8

  • Polystyrene Stars

    Versatile lightweight 5-pointed polystyrene stars for all kinds of craft projects.• Size: 110mm(dia.) approx.• Pack of 5

  • Polystyrene Eggs

    Expanded polystyrene eggs that can be carved, glued, painted and decorated with a variety of different materials, they are also ideal for a variety of D&T activities.• Assorted sizes: 38mm x 28mm, 56mm x 36mm, 78mm x 56mm• Single size 56mm x 36mm • Sizes may vary slightly

  • Polyspheres

    Suitable for festive decorations, collage work and model making. Can be decorated with a wide range of materials, e.g. paint, markers and glitter.• Available in 3 sizes: 35mm, 50mm and 70mm• Pack of 10

  • News Print Jumbo Paper Roll

    Excellent value for money art paper that is suitable for both powder and liquid colour.• Off-white (due to the recycled content of this sheet)• Long roll of 229 metres or reams of 500 sheets• Ideal for group drawing, painting and printing projects

  • Easy Hold Colour Panels

    These transparent coloured acrylic sheets (red, blue and yellow) are sealed inside hardwood frames with easy grip handles. Looking through them children will see the world in different colours, or they can use more than one to create new colours. Ideal resource for light boxes and panels. Age: 12…

  • Easy Clean Easel

    The easels have clear boards that are ideal for finger painting, transfer printing and tracing as well as traditional painting. The easel can be used inside or outside, is quick to assemble and easy to store. Three sided and four sided available.• Panel size: 590mm(w) x 1250mm(h)

  • Thin Card - Intensive Colours

    easy to fold and cut with a superb smooth surface.• Intensive assorted colours: Light Blue Vivid, Light Green Vivid, Light Orange Vivid, Red Vivid, Yellow Vivid, Black, Orange Karnival, Green Karnival, Violet Karnival, Blue Karnival• SRA2 - 10 sheets of each colour• A4 - 20 sheets of…

  • Polystyrene Christmas Shapes

    Christmas themed polystyrene shapes that can be glued or painted, ideal for use as Christmas decorations.• Shapes: Snowflakes, Bells, Angels, Snowmen, Christmas trees, Santa Claus and Reindeer• Size: 50mm - 90mm approx.• Pack of 35

  • White Polystyrene Plates

    Perfect for parties and catering events - great value for any occasion. Where numbers are high, these plates are an excellent choice.• Pack of 600

  • Blue Print Fabric

    …onto your fabric, these may include leaves, flowers, lace, acetate drawings, positive, negative films etc.• Expose to sunlight for 10-20 minutes and then rinse thoroughly to remove unexposed areas• Includes instructions and ideas leaflet• Size: 150mm x 150mm • Pack of 30 sheets

  • Avery® QuickPEEL™ Laser Addressing Labels

    …paper from well-managed forests and recyclable as part of paper waste. Same great labels – now Eco Friendly.• Save time with unique QuickPEEL™ feature and FREE easy-to-use templates and software• Guaranteed JamFree™ with outstanding print quality• 100 A4 sheets per box

  • White Card

    Thin, highly flexible board with matt finish. Easy to fold and cut with a superb smooth surface. Ideal for a variety of applications including art, craft and printing. High quality, produced by a leading European manufacturer.

  • Block Printing Starter Pack

    Ideal starter pack for junior printing activities.• Contains: 10 x Inking Rollers• 5 x Inking Trays• 100 x A4 Safeprint Sheets• 5 x Block Printing Ink Tubes (Black, White, Brilliant Yellow, Brilliant Red, Blue) and Teacher’s notes

  • Fadeless® Safari Print Paper

    …edge to your ecology and habitat displays and collage work. The 6 safari animal prints have been replicated on Fadeless® paper, while the unique embossed patterns and realistic looking designs give a life-like look and feel.• Size: 229mm x 304mm• Pack of 24 sheets, 4 of each design

  • Neoprene Sheets

    Colourful tactile modelling/collage material in sheet form, can be easily cut and shaped with scissors or craft knives. Widely used in model and jewellery making, it can be glued and used with a wide range of materials, including markers, sequins and glitter.• Size: 250mm(w) x 300mm(d) x 2mm(h)…

  • MDF Pack - Assorted

    Assorted pack of MDF sheets, great for construction projects.• Sheet size: 610mm(w) x 300mm(l)• Pack of 18 sheets; 6 x 3mm thick, 6 x 6mm thick, 5 x 9mm thick and 1 x 12mm thick• Approximate weight 25kg

  • Rapesco Extra Heavy Duty Hole Punch

    Two hole metal punch with adjustable paper guide.• Handle lock-down button for easy storage• Size: 116mm(w) x 231mm(d)• Sheet capacity: 63 sheets• 5 year guarantee

  • Rapesco Heavy Duty Hole Punch

    Heavy duty, rear loading, two hole punch with handle lock-down switch for easy storage.• All metal paper guide• Size: 116mm(w) x 163mm(d) • Sheet capacity: 35 sheets • 3 year guarantee

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There were no documents that contained all of the words in your query. These results contain some of the words.