Exploring Paint And Patterns Outdoor Kit

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  • Paint Explorers

    Paint explorers are ideal for creating patterns and textures in paint and clay. In each set there are four paint and dough explorers in different designs.• Blue Handle: Spikes, waves, bubbles and squiggles• Green Handles: Stars, zig zags, scrolls and tyre• Red Handles: Swirls, pointed…

  • Giant Outdoor 'Big Art' Tools

    Use these innovative tools to swirl, stamp, scrape and twirl to create pattern, texture and mark making on a grand scale. Set of four tools with assorted scraper designs ideal for use in ready mixed paint, water (puddles) and sand!• Made from plastic• Size: 220mm(w) x 550mm(l)• Pack of 4

  • Pattern Foam Rollers

    Ideal for a variety of paint effects. The inner roller is glued to foam to prevent slipping.• Assorted shapes• Size: 70mm(w) roller• Pack of 6

  • Wooden Pattern Rollers

    Wooden patterned rollers, ideal for children to create designs in dough and paint. • Pack of 3• Suitable for 3+ years

  • Mark Making Kit 2

    …Dough and Paint Tools pack of 3• 1 x Easi-Grip Giant Brush• 1 x Easi-Grip Mini Texture Wands Set 1 pack of 4• 1 x Easi-Grip Mini Texture Wands Set 2 pack of 4• 1 x Special Paint Effect Tools pack of 4• 1 x Sand and Paint Pattern Tools pack of 6• 1 x Paint Scrapers…

  • Mark Making Kit 1

    This mark making kit is ideal for supporting early writing, it is full of resources for indoor and outdoor activities. It is great with different materials including paint and dough. Age: 3 years+.Pack contains:• 1 x Boxwood Tools pack of 10 – for making marks and indentations in sand, dough,…

  • Giant Textured Paint and Sand Rollers Pack

    Excellent giant textured rollers. Includes brick pattern, wavy lines, tractor tread, smoothing roller and pathway. They have brightly coloured easy grip handles - perfect for little hands. Can be used with art products or in sand or mud to explore textures!• Suitable for 10 months +• Pack…

  • Beginners' Painting Set

    Suitable for a variety of paintwork.Pack contains:• 1 x 30 Hog Short Round Brushes (sizes 8, 12, 18)• 4 x 8-pot Paint Pot Tray• 5 x 6-well Economy Palette• 5 x Single Inking Tray• 2 x Pattern Foam Rollers pack of 6• 1 x Assorted Foam Rollers pack of 9

  • Hemispherical Stampers

    These fun stampers can be used to create fun patterns using dough, ready mixed paint and paint pads. The soft grip handle makes them ideal for little hands.• Pack of 4

  • Wooden Maracas

    Maracas are ideal to add to any musical occasion and always encourage group and individual participation.• Painted bowl with pattern• Overall length 270mm• Colours and patterns may vary• Pack of 2

  • Feels-Write Pre-Writing Stones

    Enjoy tracing over the shapes and patterns from left-to-right with your fingers, as well as using the stones to make impressions and copies in play dough. Try taking a multi-sensory approach and add them to a tray filled with sand, rice, paint or shaving foam for children to copy. They may be used…

  • Texture Palm Rollers

    Create interesting textures in paint or clay. Age: 3 years+.• Assorted patterns• Pack of 3

  • Easi-Grip Modelling Wheels

    Use the fun modelling wheels in dough, ready mixed paint and paint pads to create exciting and fun patterns. Ideal for little hands due to the soft grip handle.• Pack of 4

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There were no documents that contained all of the words in your query. These results contain some of the words.