Eye Wash

  • Eyewash Pods

    A 0.9% sterile saline solution ideal for irrigating eyes and general wound washing applications.

  • Sterile Eyewash

    Provides relief for irritation and discomfort to the eye. Also suitable for cleansing wounds before dressing.

  • Eye Pod Station

    This eye pod station is easily recognisable in an emergency and can be fixed to a wall.

  • Eye Wash & Skin Flush Kit

    The neutralising effect, reduces flushing time and volume of fluid needed to dilute acid and alkali splashesKit contains:• 2 Dressings (eye pads)• 2 Redcap eyewash (500ml bottles)• 2 Eye wash (200ml pods)• 1 mirror

  • School Trip First Aid Kit

    A 177 piece first aid rucksack that offers excellent portability for the first aider. The contents of this kit exceed BS8599-1 medium size standards. Intended for days out and school trips.• Includes eye wash, vomit bags, and a whistle• Detachable smaller ‘grab-&-go’ internal kit

  • BSI Compliant Travel First Aid Kit

    …cleansing wipes, 1 x Pair disposable nitrile gloves, 6 x Safety pins, 1 x Microporous tape, 1 x Air-flo resuscitation face shield, 1 x Emergency foil survival blanket, 1 x Sterile saline eye wash 25ml bottle, 1 x Burn-cool dressing 10cm x 10cm, 1 x Tough-cut scissors 15.5cm, 1 x Mounting bracket

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