Festive Card

  • Festive Card Pack

    Selected especially for the festive period. Wonderful for greetings cards, festive collages and decorations.Pack contains:• 20 x 350 micron foil boards; 4 each of Silver, Gold, Red, Green and Blue• 80 x 230 micron boards; 20 each of Black, Emerald Green, Red and White• Size: A4 -…

  • Metallic Card

    Stunning metallic card which is a great resource for festive craft.• 330 micron• Colours: 10 each of Gold, Silver and Bronze• Size: A4 - 210mm x 297mm• Pack of 30

  • Giotto Turbo Glitter

    These glitter felt tip pens add sparkle to any artwork. Ideal for festive cards and pictures.• Water based ink• Assorted colours• Pack of 8

  • Festive Foam Shapes

    These Festive Foam Shapes are great for festive craft and card making. The foam shapes come in a range of Christmas themed designs, featuring an embossed surface.• Made from EVA foam• Pack of 100

  • Metallic Card Mixed Festive Shapes

    A fantastic pack of 250gsm metallic card in mixed festive shapes and colours.• Shapes include: Baubles, Bows, Holly and Trees• Colours include: Red, Green, Gold and Silver.• 30g bag

  • Tubs of Sequins

    Add that extra sparkle to Christmas cards, collage and craft activities.

  • Happy Cards

    Personalise and decorate these fantastic festive “happy” cards with a design and message of your own.• Size: 155mm x 220mm• Pack of 30

  • Lantern Cards

    Use these lantern cards to celebrate a whole variety of multicultural festivals and multi faith occasions throughout the calendar where light, lanterns or candles have some significance e.g. Christmas, Chinese New Year, Hanukkah and Diwali. • Pack contains: Pre-cut card candles, fully…

  • Tree Frame Cards

    Decorate these tree frame cards with any collage resources you have available, write your message/greeting inside and then simply glue to the card stand to create a beautiful festive keepsake.• Size: 200mm x 180mm• Pack of 30

  • Vibrant Colours Glitter Pack

    Great for general collage work and festive card making.• Colours: White, Orange, Pink, Blue, Black and Purple• 250g shakers• Pack of 6

  • Flower Cards

    Mix and match the coloured and glitter flower shapes and stick them onto the card blanks to make flower cards for all occasions, Mother's Day, Easter, birthdays and other festivals. Complete with pre-cut message strips, instructions and ideas. • Assorted colours and flower shapes• Size:…

  • Christmas Cutout Cards

    A pack of Christmas card blanks to decorate with a selection of nine different festive apertures including Baubles, Stars, Snowmen, Candles, Robins, Santas, Trees and Stockings.• Size: 160mm x 105mm• Pack of 54

  • Stars and Snowflake Sequin Shaker

    Assorted blue and white stars and snowflakes in a great value dispensing jar, perfect for festive collage and card making. • 100g tub

  • Hindu Resource Set

    …questions, quizzes and crosswords to reinforce the key aspects of the topicIncludes:• Temple Cloth• Statue of Ganesh• Pair of Dancing Sticks• Diwali Lamps• Prayer Beads• Rangoli Patterns• Pooja Set• A5 Photocards• 4 Diwali festival cards• A2 Poster

  • Sikhism Resource Set

    …of artefacts including a 30-page Quizpad filled with questions, quizzes and crosswords to reinforce the key aspects. Includes:• Starched Turban• Sikh Flag• Prayer Beads• Guru Garland• 5K's artefacts• 4 x A5 Photocards• Diwali Festival cards• A2 Poster

  • Glitter Sparkles

    Add that extra sparkle to festive art work and cards. Also ideal for craft and collage work.• Colours: Gold, Silver, Red and Green • 150g shakers• Pack of 4

  • Make Your Own Baubles

    Make your own snowman, reindeer or robin baubles with this fantastic festive craft pack. Pack contains:• 90 pre cut card strips• Printed face, wings and antler templates• Instructions and ideas• Size: 120mm(dia.)

  • Sparkle Sand Shakers

    Sparkle sands are a unique and eco-friendly alternative to plastic based glitter. These sands are great for adding shimmer and shine to festive activities such as card making, decorations and seasonal gifts. Supplied in easy to use flip shakers so that the sand can be either poured or shaken.•…

  • Wreaths

    Decorate these colourful card wreaths to suit any occasion. Perfect for multicultural festivals and celebrations all year round.• Size: 190mm diameter• Pack of 30

  • Decorate Your Own Stocking

    Give your festive displays some of the wow factor with these jumbo red stocking card blanks. Decorate with all your collage resources and then take home as a gift. Collage materials not included.• Size: 365mm x 285mm• Pack of 30

  • Multicultural Lanterns

    …combining colouring, cutting and weaving with a range of decorative media to embellish these spectacular lantern characters.• Ideal for classroom presentation• Includes a summary of each festival• Lantern size: 110mm(dia.) x 250mm(h)• Pack of 30 lanterns made with A4 card

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