Figure Sets

  • Block People Dolls with Disabilities

    …your block play community by introducing these figures with differing abilities. Made from tough vinyl, the dolls represent a variety of ages, ethnicities and genders, all with realistic details and adaptive equipment, from a leg brace to a hearing aid.• Doll height: 140mm• Set of 6 pieces

  • Medieval Figure Sets

    Age: 3 years+.• Set of 6 soft medieval family • Set of 2 knights, Lancelot and Arthur• Knight size: approx. 110mm(h)

  • Balance Walkway

    This 27-piece set is ideal to help children develop their movement, balance and co-ordination skills.Contains:• 18 x curved pieces• 8 x straight pieces • 1 x cross piece• Pieces have a grooved surface for grip• Assorted colours• Piece size: 250mm(l) x 125mm(h)

  • Superhero Figures

    A lovely set of wooden superhero figures to enhance small world play. There are five different characters, each wearing a mask and a fabric cape, ready to carry out their heroic tasks. Age: 3 years+.• Pack of 10• Size: 100mm(h)

  • Super Hero Figures

    …wooden figures will inspire lots of story talk and language as children create exciting new adventures. Featuring three multicultural families, each character is double-sided, so you simply turn them over to transform from ‘everyday’ to ‘superhero’. Age: 3 years+.• Set of 15 figures• Size:…

  • Wooden Occupations Set

    Encourage discussions on different types of careers and work with this 16 piece brightly coloured wooden occupational figure set. Each piece is hand painted and made from tropical hardwood. Age: 3 years+.• Size: approx 90mm• Set of 16

  • Block People Complete Set

    …The high quality vinyl figures feature up to date styling and authentic details. The play people are free standing with extra large feet for frustration free play. Age: 3+ years.• Guaranteed for 10 years• Size: Tallest figure 140mm• 8 family member figures• Set of 5 (40 pieces)

  • Magnetic Polydron Drivers Set

    …movement. Children will learn that different items have different properties and how they can combine them to create other interesting items. Age: 3 years+.• Supplied in a tub• Set includes: 32 squares, 4 wheels, 28 equilaterals, 16 hubs, 6 child figures, 6 adult figures• Set of 92 pieces

  • LEGO® Community Starter Set

    …make it easier to take models apart. Age: 4 years+.Download free game ideas • For more information please visit• Huge set with endless possibilities• Comes in a large sturdy storage box• Set of 1907 pieces

  • Little People – Sensory Play Set

    …for indoor and outside use in all weathers and environments. The range of colours and sizes make them ideal for sorting and children will develop math language as they play. Age: 3 years+.• Three sets of three figures, each set a different colour (50mm, 60mm and 70mm high)• Set of 9

  • Mobilo® Basic Assortment

    This set includes 22 geometric shapes, connectors, axles, wheels and a figure. Comes in a storage bucket. Age: 3 years+.• Set of 86 pieces

  • Families and Friends Wooden Character Set

    Create your own community with this bumper set of wooden figures. Featuring a variety of ages and cultures, and including people with disabilities, this inclusive collection enables children to recreate and explore endless real life situations and develop an understanding of the world around them.…

  • Trackside Accessories Set

    You have the track, you have the trains what else do you need? This accessories set comes packed with people, buildings, vehicles, trees and farm animals to make your railway come to life. Age: 3 years+.• Figure height: 70mm• Tree height: 75mm• Pack of 34 pieces

  • Child Size Human Body Set

    This is a fascinating, life-size, anatomy-themed bulletin board.Contains:• 2 x figures • Header• Resource guide• Figure size: 1270mm(h) when assembled

  • Playmobil Hospital Set

    …essential for rushing to the scene, an operating room, wheel chair set and MRI device. The set will encourage creative play and allows children to rescue patients from the accident scene and continue play with the patients treatment.• 10 figures• Accessories• 1 x AAA battery required

  • Playmobil Space Set

    …that fold out at the front when you're ready to get out and explore new planets and a detachable roof which also includes a functioning laser shooter. The set also includes a space rover and mission rocket. Age: 4 years+• 6 Figures• 1 Robot• Accessories• 2 AAA batteries required

  • Playmobil School Set

    …School Building. The building contains 3 classrooms with toilets, lockers, a lift and a large staircase. The set features a working digital clock and a school bell. The history class set with functional blackboard has lots of accessories to make sure you enjoy a fun-filled day of learning or enjoy…

  • Playmobil Police Set

    …the inner courtyard and there is a helipad on the roof; the Police car with lights and sound has a roof that can be removed and space for up to 4 figures. There is a siren sound with 2 options for getting to the scene quickly Age: 4 years+• 4 Police Officers• 1 Prisoner• Police car features lights…

  • New medium arctic set

    Discover the polar regions with these chunky animals. Perfect for imaginative role play, these jumbo creatures are made of hardwearing vinyl and can stand up under their own weight. Their soft skin is beautifully detailed and textured to encourage tactile exploration. Sized for young learners, they…

  • BIG DEAL: City Police Station Set

    …black detailing, imposing jail with bars on the front window and information deska and waiting area• Wooden vehicle with open front to allow figure to be put inside • Includes 3 officers and a criminal• Figure height is 110mm high• Building size: 435mm(w) x 300mm(d) x 370mm(h)

  • Playmobil Castle & Knights Set

    …well as fold-out stairs and 3 places to launch rocks from. This set also includes a water ballista which can shoot up to 4 projectiles at a time; a water cannon and a fire cannon which can launch up to 3 projectiles at a time. Age 4 years+• 9 Figures• 1 wolf• 1 horse• Accessories

  • City Engineering & Design Building Set

    set enables primary learners to get hands-on with STEM learning! Children use the included challenge cards to create city designs, building problem solving skills through hands-on designing and early engineering. Includes over 80 pieces, featuring beams, cones and plastic construction play figures.

  • Sensory Play Animals

    …colour, habitat and characteristics, promoting language and discussion. Each piece is created from our unique mix and can be used outside. Age: 2 years+.• Contains: a bear, an owl, a bird, a whale, a fish, an elephant, a mouse and a rabbit• Figure size: between 26-75mm(h)• Set of 8 figures

  • Fairy Toob®

    …and professional sculpting. The active poses and accurate details are ideal for educational projects, dioramas, and imaginative play. Age: 3 years+.• Includes a reusable cylindrical tube that slides open and closed for easy storage and transportation• Average figure size: 75mm(h)• Set of 6

  • Magnetic Place Value Arrows

    Magnetic no-tear vinyl arrows.• The 3 figure arrow is 142mm x 43mm • 27 piece set comprising of 9 each of 100s, 10s and units

  • Safari Toob®

    …collections of small toys feature vibrant colours and accurate detail. The educational toys are available in a variety of fun themes. Each set of tiny figures comes in a reusable acetate tube with a spinning globe on the cap, which snaps open and closed for easy storage. They are perfect for…

  • Buddhist Childs Artefact Collection

    …artefacts included can create discussion points around festivals, culture, daily worship and more.Contents:• 1 x Buddha Figure• 1 x Puja Bowl Set• 1 x A Journey Through Life Book• 1 x Symbols and Story Book• 1 x Prayer Beads• 1 x Singing Bowl• 6 x Children…

  • Giant Acrobats

    A set of 40 large acrobat figures for construction fun – the pieces can be linked together in a variety of ways to stimulate creative play. You can even create a Giant Acrobat domino run. Each piece features the word for acrobat in Braille. They can be used individually or in co-operative play and…

  • Wooden People with Disabilities

    …knowledge and understanding through discussion of differing abilities across a range of ages and cultures. The detailed figures will help children appreciate and understand each disability. Hand painted set made from tropical hardwood. Age: 3 years+.• Doll height: 100mm • Set of 9 pieces

  • Wooden People of the World

    …knowledge and understanding of a variety of cultures with this brightly coloured set of people from around the world. The characters are dressed in traditional clothing. Each figure is made from tropical hardwood and is hand painted. Age: 3 years+.• Doll height: 70mm• Set of 24 pieces

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