• World Flag Poster

    This poster includes 193 world flags representing most countries of the world. They are colour-coded and grouped by continent to make flag recognition easier.

  • Index Flags

    Index tabs are perfect for filing and highlighting information or documents. Great for highlighting passages of text in books.• Made from transparent PET foil• Size: 12mm(w) x 43mm(l)• 36 sheets per pack• Available in solid colour or colour tip packs• Solid colour pack…

  • Single Colour Corner Flags

    Nylon flags for corner flag poles.• Size: 300mm(w) x 300mm(l)• Available in 2 colours• Sold singly

  • European Union Photopack

    These double-sided photo sheets include all the current members of the European Union. The front of each sheet contains a location map, flag, photographs of food for each country as well as facts and information about the history and geography. The reverse contains four photographs which provide an…

  • Plastic Flags

    These flags offer an easy way to mark out boundaries. • Size: 290mm height overall (210mm above ground)• Colours: red, yellow, blue and white• Pack of 4

  • Lightweight Cones Set

    Moulded plastic marker cones with aperture at peak for marker flags and poles. Cones can be pegged down if required.

  • Lightweight Cones

    Moulded plastic marker cones with aperture at peak for marker flags and poles. Cones can be pegged down if required.

  • Post-it® Index Tabs

    Small index flags in a clear portable dispenser.

  • First-Play® Cheerleader Pack

    …equipment to get a group of 24 participants cheering. The pack will encourage visual expression and develop creative movement whilst increasing fitness levels through fun play.Contains:• 12 x cheerleader flags • 12 x cheerleader pom poms• 12 x cheerleader wands• 1 x carry bag

  • First-Play Shake N Move

    An excellent kit that will help children experiment with artistic interpretation of dance and movement.Contains: • 12 x Rhythm Flags, • 12 x Dance Rings, • 12 x Metallic Cheerleader Pom Poms, • 12 x Rainbow Wands • 1 x Storage Bag (Mesh)

  • Buddhism Resource Set

    …including a 30-page Quizpad filled with questions, quizzes and crosswords to reinforce the key aspects of the topic.Includes:• Resin Buddha Statue• Prayer Wheel• Manjera Cymbals• Mala Beads• Buddha Bag• String of Prayer Flags• 4 x A5 Photocards• A2 Poster

  • Linesman Flags

    A pair of foam handled, rotation-free flagsticks with regulation size red/yellow printed flags. • Complete with handy bag

  • Film Index Flags

    Large translucent film index flags perfect for indexing whole pages and for highlighting key information in passages.

  • Pastel Paper Index Flags

    Perfect for fast and efficient work, helping you to retrieve information quickly. Pastel colours also help to bring a touch of personalisation to your work.• Water based, solvent-free adhesive• 10 different pastel colours• 10 sheets per colour• Sheet size: 15mm x 50mm• Sold…

  • Union Jack Hand Waving Flags

    Great for celebrating national events.• PVC 11" x 7" flag • 17" plastic pole• Pack of 10

  • French Bunting, Flags and Stickers Set

    Transform your classroom and give it a real French feel. This kit is perfect for using at a Languages Days event or creating a display area in your classroom.

  • Orienteering Flag Markers

    A nylon marker to help make checkpoints visible.• Ideal for hanging from trees• Size: 150mm(w) x 150mm(h) • Sold singly

  • Chequered Flag Star Medal

    A superb range of star medals that can be used for racing events.• 60mm diameter• Available in: gold, silver and gold• Tri-colour ribbon can be purchased seperately

  • Sports Gold Medals

    A superb range of star medals that can be used at a variety of sport and activity events.

  • Red, White and Blue Plastic Bunting

    Plastic bunting ideal for use indoors or outside use. • 20 flags - overall length 10m• Flags - 320mm x 200mm

  • Spanish Maps and Symbols

    …knowledge of the geography and flags of Spain and Spanish-speaking America. This resource enables children to discover the countries of the world where Spanish is spoken.Contains:• 1 x A3 Map of Spain and Spanish speaking countries• 20 x mini flags• 20 x flag matching activities

  • British Theme Pack

    …may vary according to availability.Pack contains:• 2 x Union Jack flag bunting (7m)• 4 x British cutouts• 9 x Union Jack table flags• 3 x Wooden flag holders for 3 flags• 1 x Union Jack cloth flag (1.5m x 0.9m)• 10 x Union Jack card hats• 10 x Union Jack…

  • St Andrews Day Theme Pack

    …2 x 4m St Andrew's large flag bunting• 2 x St Andrew's Themed banner• 10 x Tartan card bow ties• 2 x Scottish style poster• 4 x St Andrew's card hat with peak• 10 x Scottish card hats• 2 x Flag holder for 3 paper table flags• 1 x 7m St Andrews PVC bunting•…

  • Italian Theme Pack

    …x A3 Italian Style Poster• 1 x Italia Banner• 2 x 4m Italian Bunting• 1 x Chef cutout• 1 x Italian Cloth Flag• 4 x Italian Cutouts• 1 x Italian Flag Cascade Centrepiece• 1 x White, Red and Green Streamer• 1 x Pack of 50 balloons• 6 x Italian Table Flags• 2 x Flag Holder• 1 x Venetian Gondolier's Hat

  • Superfoam Croquet Set

    The foam balls and polo mallet heads make this the perfect croquet set for fun. Each mallet also has a 220mm Super Foam Grip for positive control.Contains:• 6 x mallets• 6 x balls• 9 x rubber covered gates • 2 x freestanding flags

  • St George's Day Theme Day Pack

    …St George's Day Themed Posters• 1 St George's Day Themed Banner• 2 St George PVC Bunting 7m• 6 St George Table Flag• 2 Wooden Flag Holder for 3 Flags• Pack of 50 Red and White Balloons• 2 Crepe Streamers Red and White 24.6m x 40.6mm• 2 St George Bowler Hats• 6…

  • Sikhism Artefact Set

    A set of items that are ideal for engaging pupils in learning about Sikhism.Contains:• Comb• Iron bangle• Sword• Turban• Underwear• Badge• Prayer beads• Sikh flag • Sikh symbols

  • Buddhism Activity Pack

    …of activities included in this pack.• 5 pre-printed and pre-cut 3D Buddha standing decoration, 10 wheels of life, 5 temple hangers, 5 floating flower decorations, Bodhi leaves, prayer flags notes and instructions • 3 glitter packs and 2 metallic paper ribbons• Teachers' notes included

  • Discover South America Pack

    …Kingdom.Pack contains: • Topic Setting Display Banner• A1 Simple Map of South America• 10 x A3 South America Deskmats• South America Flags and Facts Cards• 5 x A2 South American Poster Set• Thinking Geography - South America Cards• The Americas Teachers Guide

  • Islam Artefact Set

    This set of artefacts are some great examples of items used in Muslim daily life.Contains:• Eid card• Flag of Pakistan/Saudia Arabia• Hajj robe• Prayer beads (Tasbih or Subah)• Prayer hat (topi)• Prayer mat• Qiblah (compass)• Qur'an (Arabic/English)•…

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