Floor Machine

  • Twintec Battery TTB4045

    A practical, simple to use, cordless combination machine. This scrubber dryer is an ideal package where you need to clean and dry a floor in one easy pass.• Brush motor power: 400W • Vacuum motor power: 400W • Brush diameter: 450mm• Speed: 100rpm• Capacity: 40L• Charge…

  • R15/30 Duo Scrubber & Polisher

    One machine to scrub, strip, clean and polish uneven, ceramic, slate or tiled floors.• Motor: 1125/1500 watts• Speed: 150/300 rpm• Pad: 430mm (17")• The drive board will fit standard cleaning/polishing pads to do a variety of tasks• Ergonomic handle with simple…

  • Twintec Mains TT4045

    A practical, simple to use, corded combination machine built on a full stainless steel chassis. This scrubber dryer is an ideal package where you need to clean and dry a floor in one easy pass. • Brush motor power: 1500W• Vacuum motor power: 1200W• Brush diameter: 450mm • Speed:…

  • Loline Floor Machine NLL332

    Small in size, light in weight, compact and convenient in storage whilst being quick and easy to use without the loss of performance• Motor: 400W• Speed: 200rpm• Pad: 330mm• Range: 32m • Comes complete with drive board and tank• Supplied without pad• Size: 450mm(w)…

  • Hurricane HFM Floor Machines

    All models have a powerful 1500W motor with Automatic Torque Control system, that monitors load and boosts torque as required to provide consistent performance. Models may be shown with accessories not included as standard for illustrative purposes only.PLEASE NOTE: HFM1523 requires either the Scrub…

  • Hurricane Floor Machine Accessories

    Model HFM1523 will require accessories in order to carry out polishing and scrubbing. Please see the table below for options.

  • Floor Cushions

    These colourful floor cushions have a 100% cotton cover with a blown fibre filling for extra comfort.• Due to the fire treatments the covers are not machine washable• Small: 680mm x 680mm• Large: 1000mm x 1000mm• Extra Large: 1500mm x 1500mm

  • Carefree Floor Polish Stripper

    For all types of floors (except marble/terrazzo) and emulsion polishes. • Ideal for machine scrubbing• 2 x 5 litres

  • Premium Velour Floor Pads

    Velour floor pads are designed to discreetly protect the floor from soiling and use a unique laminated construction for great durability.• 4.0 litre absorbency• Available in two colours• Machine washable up to 95°C• Size: 900mm(w) x 1350mm(l)• Sold singly

  • Heavy Duty Cleaner

    …ideal for cleaning in food preparation areas. Can also be used for commercial deep-fat fryers, walls, floors and canopy filters. Low foaming making it suitable for mopping and use with floor cleaning machines. Ideal for removing scuffs and heel marks without stripping floors. • 2 x 5 litres

  • Floor Maintainer & Cleaner

    A hard wearing floor cleaner and maintainer that cleans floors fast and with ease. Performs a two in one operation by cleaning and treating the surface. Ideal mopping solution for a streak-free shine even without machine buffing.• 2 x 5 litres

  • Indoor Play Cushion Pack

    Cushions are supplied complete with storage bag.• Fabric colours and styles will vary• Easy to store and lightweight• Due to the fire treatments, the outer covers cannot be machine washed• Size: 350mm x 350mm each• Pack of 15

  • Mini World Cosy Carpets

    Super soft rug with sumptuous longer pile that children will love to play on. Ideal for cosy spaces, group sitting and even small worlds. Specially designed latex backing ensures rug won't slip on hard floors. Machine washable at 40°C.•Soft Grey• Size: 1350mm(w) x 2000mm(l)

  • Twintec TTB-1840G

    The TTB-1840G represents an outstanding advance as a fully 24 volt battery operated, extra compact, floor maintenance machine, combining all the merits of scrubbing and drying where previously only mopping, or less effective cleaning, would be the only solution in congested areas. • Brush motor…

  • Dustbeater Sweeper - Snap Frame

    Ideal for attracting dust and debris on most hard flooring surfaces. The sweeper frame is of robust construction.• Machine washable• Telescopic handle suitable for easy storage• Free refill with every Dustbeater sweeper purchased

  • Boxed Playmats

    …into a floor mat and vice versa. This set consists of 1 x bag/floor mat, 4 x foam cubes, 4 x quadrants, 4 x floor cushions and 4 x circular bolsters. All the products contained within the set can be used outside.• Suitable for use outside• Store product indoors• Wipe clean, do not machine

  • Kentucky Mop Head

    For effective cleaning of larger floor areas.• 16oz PY yarn • Requires a holder to affix the mop head to the handle (sold separately - item code: 040845)• Not intended for machine washing• For use with wooden handles (sold separately - item codes: 041800 and 041805)

  • Vileda Superpad Floorpads

    …standard speed machine (150-275rpm)• Blue: Quick removal of marks and good spray-cleaning properties. Use for wet scrubbing of non-delicate floors or stripping of delicate floors (linoleum). Use with high speed (275-1000rpm) and standard cleaning or stripping machines• Red: For spray…

  • Snuggle Mats

    Snuggle mats are comfortable floor mats in vibrantly coloured, highly detailed, plush and tactile materials. All mats are made with superior durable fabrics, heavy duty stitching and free holdall, making them ideal for school and nursery use. The mats are easy care and machine washable and meet all…

  • White Goods Collection & Recycle Service

    …the following:• Ensure your appliance is on the ground floor• Disconnect the appliance from any water, gas or mains supply• Defrost your fridge or freezer and make sure there's no water or products inside• Remember to remove any laundry from your tumble drier or washing machine

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