Foam Counters

  • Outdoor Place Value Foam Counters

    …and visual they are the perfect tool for teaching place value on a large scale. These outdoor counters feature thousands, hundreds, tens and ones, and enable children to build up to 4 digit numbers.• Made from foam• Pack of 80• Size: 190mm(dia.)Contains:• 10 x 1000s• 10 x 100s• 30 x 10s• 30 x 1s

  • Foam Place Value Counters Teacher Version

    …teaching aid. Great for grasping the initial concept of place value and just the right size to use on a magnetic whiteboard. EVA foam with magnetic backing.• Made from foam• Pack of 120• Size: 90mm(dia.)Contains:• 10 x 1000• 20 x 100• 20 x 10• 30 x 1• 10 x 0.1• 10 x 1/10• 10 x 0.01• 10 x 1/100

  • Look, Splat, Spell, Check!

    …word spellings from the 2014 Key Stage 1 Spelling Appendix in Set 1 and the 200 hard to spell words from the Key Stage 2 Spelling Appendix in Set 2. Play in pairs, spell words correctly and be the first to get three in a row to win!Includes: • Dice• Foam SPLAT counters• 24 games per set

  • Year 3 And Year 4 Complete Maths Kit

    …need to give you a good base to build upon.Contains:• Colour counters• Double-sided desktop number lines - 1000• Interlocking base ten• Plastic cuisenaire rods• Place value counters - Group pack• 144 Foam grid• 6 x Multiplication squares 12 x 12 child's• Spot…

  • Year 1 And Year 2 Complete Maths Kit

    …and 2. From counting to problem solving, we have everything you need to give you a good base to build upon. Contents may vary.Contains:• Foam geometric shapes• Measuring mini beasts• Coloured number rods• Bulk value money pack• Dry wipe double sided number line boards•…

  • Social and Emotional Fix

    …x Lion Cards• 15 x Place Cards• 1 x Lion Finger Puppet• 2 x Foam Lions• 1 x A4 Good Listening Poster• 1 x Mirror• 1 x Wobble Toy• 1 x Block of Plasticine• 20 x Coloured Counters• 4 x Happy/Sad Face Cards• 1 x Calming card• 5 x Prompt Postcards…

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