Foil Paper

  • Metal Foil Paper Rolls

    Shiny, reflective foil with white backing paper.• 100gsm• Colours: silver, gold, red, blue, green and copper• Size: 500mm(w) x 4.5m(l)• Assorted pack of 6 rolls

  • Metallic Double Sided Foil Rolls

    • Contains: 1 each of blue, gold, green, red, silver and purple• Size: 500mm(w) x 800mm(l)• Pack of 6 rolls

  • Foil Metal Roll

    • Bright metallic finish with paper reverse• Roll size: 500mm x 4.5m• Sold singly

  • Assorted Paper Rolls

    …with a variety of metallic, corrugated and cellophane papers.• Contains: 7 x assorted colour cellophane, 6 x assorted metallic corrugated board, 6 x assorted colour metallic paper, 6 x robust assorted colour double sided metallic foil, 6 x assorted colour self adhesive holographic film•…

  • Metal Foil Rolls - Double Sided

    Ideal for applications where both surfaces are visible e.g. mobiles.• Coloured foil one side, gold foil the other • Size: 500mm x 800mm• Pack of 6 rolls

  • Self-Adhesive Holographic Foil Rolls

    Holographic foil rolls, great for displays or creations.• Includes two rolls of silver, and one roll of each gold, red, green and blue• Size: 450mm(w) x 1m(l)• Pack of 6 rolls

  • Foil Star Paper Rolls

    Quality foil paper with colour star pattern.• Colours: gold, silver, red, green, blue and orange• Size: 500mm(w) x 1.5m(l)• Pack of 6 rolls

  • Metal Foil Board

    Medium thickness board, excellent stiffness with a shiny, reflective foil surface.• 350 micron, 255gsm• Colours: gold, silver, blue, green and red• Size: 504mm x 762mm • Pack of 5 sheets

  • Embossed Metallic Foil Rolls

    Great value assortment of embossed metallic paper that has been printed on one side.• Colours: gold, silver, red, green, blue and copper• Size: 500mm(w) x 1.5m(l)• Pack of 6 rolls

  • Metallic Double Sided Foil Rolls

    Great value double sided robust metallic rolls. Available in a pack of 6 rolls or a value display carton of 50 rolls. • 10 x gold/gold rolls, 10 x red/gold rolls, 7 x blue/gold rolls, 7 x green/gold rolls, 10 x silver/gold rolls and 6 x cerise/gold rolls• Roll size is 500mm x 800mm

  • Transparent Star and Snow Cellophane

    Transparent foil rolls decorated with gold stars, silver stars and snow suitable for craft projects, collage, display or even gift wrapping.

  • Bulk Pack of Paper and Card

    …A4+ pastels mounts in 10 assorted colours (120gsm)• 100 sheets of A2 activity paper in 10 assorted colours (80gsm)• 20 sheets of SRA2 vivid card in 10 assorted colours (210gsm)• 6 sheets of SRA2 foil card in 6 assorted colours (270gsm)• 4 sheets of SRA2 black thick card (550gsm)

  • Wrapmaster 4500 Dispenser & Refills

    Foil, cling film, parchment paper and roasting film can be effectively dispensed by the Wrapmaster 4500. However, we do not recommend using the same dispenser for different consumables.

  • Changing Materials Science Kit

    …lights• Foil cases• Measuring cylinders• Plastic funnels• Thermometers• Perfumes• Sieve• Wooden trays• Water wheel• Plastic pots• Syringes• Lollipop sticks• Balloons• Filter paper• Magnifying glasses• Foil• Magnets•…

  • Macro Science Kit - Investigations KS2

    …liquids.Contains:• Measuring cylinders• Plastic beakers• Petri dishes• Sieves• Foil cases• Clamp stand and clamps• Plastic funnels• Filer papers• Tea lights• Thermometers• Measuring tapes• Spatulas• Weights• Magnifying…

  • Festive Card Pack

    Selected especially for the festive period. Wonderful for greetings cards, festive collages and decorations.Pack contains:• 20 x 350 micron foil boards; 4 each of silver, gold, red, green and blue• 80 x 230 micron boards; 20 each of black, emerald green, red and white• Size: A4 -…

  • Chromacryl Individual Colours

    …surface with dry colours as brilliant as it was when wet. It can be painted onto different surfaces including paper, board, canvas, textiles, wood, metal, plastics, glass, celluloid, foil, clay etc. Chromacryl contains pigments that can stain fabric. To clean the stained area, use household soap and…

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