• Deepio Degreaser

    Powerful degreaser for cleaning greasy surfaces in professional kitchens.• Cuts through tough grease easily and effectively • Highly effective for degreasing kitchen floors, work surfaces, fat fryers, walls, cooker hoods and pot washing

  • Heavy Duty Cleaner

    …purpose degreasant cleaner. Non-perfumed and therefore ideal for cleaning in food preparation areas. Can also be used for commercial deep-fat fryers, walls, floors and canopy filters. Low foaming making it suitable for mopping and use with floor cleaning machines. Ideal for removing scuffs and…

  • Wet Chemical Extinguisher

    …and chemically reacts to produce a soap like solution, sealing the surface and preventing re-ignition. Capable of extinguishing a 75L capacity deep fat fryer. Gentle application prevents hot oil splashing on the user.• 6 litres• Kitemark certified to LPCB BSEN3• Supplied with bracket

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