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  • Plastic Funnel

    Plastic funnel excellent for decanting any of our 5 litre bottles into smaller bottles.

  • Filter Funnel

    Polypropylene filter funnel available in several diameter sizes.• Pack of 10

  • Science Labware Essentials Bulk Pack

    …is supplied in a deep tray with lid for easy storage.Contents includes:• Measuring Cylinders• Beakers• Test Tube Holders• Test Tube Racks• Petri Dishes• Gauze Wire• Filters• Funnels• Bunsen Burner• Retort Stand and Rod• Bosshead and retort clamp

  • Waterfall Discovery Wall

    …their imagination to run wild as each water maze piece can be moved to create a new design. Little ones will enjoy scooping the water and watching as it cascades through the spinners, zigzags and funnels on this double-sided water wall. Age: 18months+.• Dimensions: 845mm(h) x 711m(w) x 413mm(d)

  • Funnels

    This set of funnels is an essential for any sand and water area. Age: 3 years+.• 1 large funnel, 1 medium funnel and 1 small funnel• Size: Large funnel - 140mm(dia) x 140mm(h)• Set of 3

  • Primary Science™ Lab Set

    …and living things. Age: 4 years+.Set includes:• Beaker• Magnifying glass• Large test tube with lid and stand• Two small test tubes with lids and stand• Flask• Tweezers• Goggles• Pipette• Funnel• Ten double-sided activity cards and an activity guide

  • Water Play Set

    This water play set includes measuring cups, funnel, sand and water play jugs and pipette. Each item works well with young children exploring with sand and water activities. Age: 3 years+.• Set includes 12 pieces• Funnel Size: 105mm(h) x 65mm(w) x 140m(l)• Jug Size: 250ml,…

  • Sand and Water Station

    …canopy and accessories kit includes a durable, easy clean fabric roof and a height adjustable centre beam that has holes for locating the 2 included funnels and the clear plastic tubing, and a bucket and spade set.• Small unit size: 1100(w) x 615mm(d) x 290mm(h)• Medium unit size: 1100(w) x 615mm(d)…

  • Macro Science Kit - Investigations KS2

    …Measuring cylinders• Plastic beakers• Petri dishes• Sieves• Foil cases• Clamp stand and clamps• Plastic funnels• Filer papers• Tea lights• Thermometers• Measuring tapes• Spatulas• Weights• Magnifying glasses• Magnets•…

  • Waterplay Kit

    …can create water canals with see-through plastic tubing, or pour water into the waterwheels and watch what happens. Age: 3 years+.Set includes:• Cups, funnels, beakers, spoons, eye-droppers, water wheels 206mm(h), and more• Supplied in a mesh bag• Guide included• Set of 38 pieces

  • Macro Science Kit - Earth Science

    …Rainfall and The Earth posters• Clamp stand and clamps• Plastic pots• Plastic beakers• Petri dishes• Plastic funnels• Measuring cylinders• Filter papers• Nails• Spatulas• Magnifying glasses• Pipettes• Rock samples• Sieves•…

  • Macro Science Kit - Investigations KS1

    …exploring everyday sounds and investigating how different we all are.Contains:• Height chart• Measuring cylinders• Plastic funnels• Plastic beakers• Plastic pots• Petri dishes• Soundtracks game• Plastic tubing• Feely bag and blindfold• Torches•…

  • Changing Materials Science Kit

    …Plastic beakers• Fabric samples• Petri dishes• Tongs• Tea lights• Foil cases• Measuring cylinders• Plastic funnels• Thermometers• Perfumes• Sieve• Wooden trays• Water wheel• Plastic pots• Syringes• Lollipop sticks•…

  • Macro Sound Kit

    …happens to sound as you get further away and examining what materials sound can travel through. Contains:• Cardboard tubes• Plastic funnels• Tuning forks• Elastic bands• Paper clips• Drawing pins• Wire• String• Tape measure• Plastic tubing•…

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