Glitter Ball

  • Sensory Rainbow Glitter Balls

    A perfect resource for young children with fascinating sparkling stardust which swirls around the inside of the balls as they are moved. Ideal for captivating the imagination and improving concentration skills. Age: 3 years+.• Set of 7 in red, silver, gold, green, blue, pink and purple• Size:…

  • Ornaments

    A 3-D collage project! Brush the insides of these ornaments with glue and sprinkle with coloured rice, coloured sand or glitter. The hanging decorations can also be filled with pom poms, shells, tissue or feathers. • Sizes: Bauble 65.5mm(dia.), Star 100mm(dia.)• Pack of 12

  • Polyspheres

    Suitable for festive decorations, collage work and model making. Can be decorated with a wide range of materials, e.g. paint, markers and glitter.• Available in 3 sizes: 35mm, 50mm and 70mm• Pack of 10

  • Dark Den Accessory Kit

    ball and textured bouncing light up ball. The lamps and light up accessories create a magical den space. Must be used under adult supervision. Age: 3 years+.A perfect companion to black out sensory dens or other dark areas. Includes:• Fibre optic lamp• Glow Ball. Light up glitter lamp• Light up ball

  • Visual Effects Sensory Bag

    …timer• 1 x Multi liquid timer• 3 x Liquid timer• 1 x Colour motion• 1 x Ball kaleidoscope• 1 x Eye scoop• 3 x Dinki glitter tubes• 1 x Spiral glitter tube• 1 x Wooden magnifying glass• 1 x Switch ball• 1 x Twirly tube• 1 x Glitter tube large

  • Fidget Bag

    …vary):• 1 x sensory bag • 5 x finger mats• 3 x tactile animals • 2 x koosh balls• 4 x spine balls • 3 x fiddly fidgets• 1 x spaghetti ball • 6 x bendy men• 1 x textured tangle• 1 x jump bean motion• 3 x glitter tubes• 3 x hedgehog balls

  • Snow Decoration Classpack

    …2 x Snow stencil sheets featuring 6 shapes• 2 x Snow blankets 900mm x 2.44m(l)• 3 x Icicle garlands• 2 x Bags of glitter snow polystyrene balls 30g• 3 x Cans of snow spray 150ml• 1 x Bag of fluffy snow 200g• 1 x Bag of iridescent snow flakes• 4 x Rolls…

  • Sensory Light Kit

    …sensory room, classroom or bedroom into a 'light-up' haven, to help relieve stress and tension, whilst providing a more tranquil atmosphere.• Colour changing sphere•Colour changing glitter lamp•Ocean wave projector with sound waves and speaker•Infinity Light•8" Plasma Ball

  • The Original Sensory Tub

    ball• 1 x spaghetti ball• 3 x jumbo water wigglers• 2 x spider balls• 2 x koosh balls• 1 x weighted neck roll• 2 x bobo massager• 1 x backrest massager• 2 x colour frames• 3 x space blankets• 1 x glitter tubes• 1 x Light diffraction ball• 3…

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