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  • Glow Pebbles

    A set of 12 rechargeable illuminated pebbles that can be stacked and rolled for engaging sensory learning. The pebbles are in three sizes and are charged by placing them in the docking station. Choose from an assortment of colours or set to a sequence mode. Age: 10 months+.• Made from…

  • Glow In The Dark Sensory Bag

    …vary):• 1 x Glow in the Dark Ball• 2 x Glow in the Dark Inflatables• 1 x Glow in the Dark Beaker• 6 x Glow in the Dark Tubes• 3 x Glow in the Dark Ducks• 1 x Glow Stretchy Spaghetti• 3 x Glow in the Dark Feet• 3 x Glow in the Dark hands• 1 x Glow Squidge…

  • Glow Rollers

    …up when switched on and provide an engaging and multisensory experience. An attractive docking station charges them and provides easy self access. Age: 10 months+.• 6 x Glow Rollers• 1 x Mains Operated Docking Station• 1 x 5V 1A International Adaptor• Size: 140mm(l) x 70mm(dia)

  • Active World Lunar Mat

    …World experience. Take a rocket to the moon, moon walk with the astronauts, explore the craters and drive the moon buggies! Why not try adding our Glitter Glow Rocks to the mat, or maybe some small world astronauts to enrich small world play. Age: 10 months+.• Size: 860mm(dia.)• Made of plastic

  • Black Out Sensory Den

    …the black out sensory den remains dark even in daylight, creating the perfect space for multi-sensory play and learning. Children can explore UV, glow in the dark, torches, bubble tubes, fibre optics and much more in the dark environment. The den comes with a window which can also be opened to let…

  • Luminous Paint

    This water-based phosphorescent paint absorbs light in the day to later give off a bright glow when surroundings turn dark, without the need of a UV light. Best to use on white background.• Can be used on fabrics (but is not washable)• Vibrant, long lasting colour• 100ml pot

  • Colour Changing Foam Batons

    Amazing soft and flexible light up batons, with 6 modes from flashing to mood. Age: 3 years+.• Battery included and can be changed• 400mm(l)• Set of 6

  • Crystal Colour Stacking Blocks

    …grooves make stacking easy, and allows stacking at various angles to create new tower designs. Use the blocks on a light table or sensory cube to create glowing towers or overlap different block colours to explore colour mixing concepts. Age: 3 years+.• Set of 50 blocks• Block size: 50mm x 60mm

  • Illuminated Writing Boards

    Engage and delight with this set of four glowing writing surfaces and recharging station. Engage and support reluctant learners, record findings, get creative and see your designs glow. There are seven colour options and an automatic scrolling option. Simply press the button to explore different…

  • Mini Illuminated Mark Making Boards

    A set of six portable glowing mark making boards to bring awe and wonder to writing anywhere. See your mark making come to life as you flick through light up colour sequences. Featuring slots at the back for tracing card inserts (sold seperately). Requires 3 x AAA batteries per board (not…

  • Glow Numbers

    Light up mathematics with this set of 10 illuminated number paddles. Just simply switch on to make them glow. The paddles are two different colours, blue being odd and red being even. Ideal for use as number lines and using in games.

  • Glow Lamp

    Whether in a home corner, a sensory room or a reception area, these rechargeable lamps create a welcoming, realistic light. Changing colour using a remote, you can create a lovely, warm atmosphere with the ambient light effect, but without dangerous cables.• Sold singly

  • Connecting Glow Tiles

    …connected together. Discover the colour of each tile as you connect it. Ideal for using technology to underpin learning. Use for sorting, matching, pattern and sequencing activities. Includes 25 x glow tiles (five of each colour), 1 x rechargeable power hub. Age: 3 years+.• Size: 50mm(w) x 50mm(l)

  • Glow Stretchy Spaghetti

    A super stretchy bundle of spaghetti-like strands which glows in the dark. Very soft and tactile. Age: 3 years+.• Size: each strand 280mm long (unstretched)

  • Glow Dark Mat

    Soft, padded mat with moon and stars design that glows in the dark. Ideal for sensory rooms and darken spaces, and for role play such as wizardry or space. Stimulating and intriguing. Sized to fit the TTS developed Pop Up Sensory Space.• Made from foam and polyester• 1330mm(w) x 1330mm(l) x 30mm(d)

  • Nite-Glo Water Extinguisher

    • 1.2mm Polypropylene• Sold singly

  • Nite-Glo CO2 Extinguisher

    • 1.2mm Polypropylene• Sold singly

  • Glow In The Dark Sensory Ball

    A textured sensory ball which absorbs white light to glow in the dark. Age: 6 months+.• Size: 165mm• Sold singly

  • Nite-Glo Fire Door Keep Shut

    • 1.2mm Polypropylene• Sold singly

  • Nite-Glo Push Bar to Open

    • 1.2mm Polypropylene• Sold singly

  • Nite-Glo Fire Exit Running Man Left

    • 1.2mm Polypropylene• Sold singly

  • Nite-Glo Fire Action

    • 1.2mm Polypropylene• Sold singly

  • Nite-Glo Dry Powder Extinguisher

    • 1.2mm Polypropylene• Sold singly

  • Glow, Stack & Build Texture Tower

    Integrate ICT and construction with this stack, thread and roll set of rings. Shake the pieces and they will light up. Children will love placing these varying textured discs on to the central post.

  • Consortium Fluorescent Ready Mixed Paint Pack

    Ready to use water-based liquid paint in dazzling fluorescent colours that glow brightly under UV light.• An exciting selection of vibrant fluorescents• One each of Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow and Pink• 600ml bottles • Pack of 6

  • Stained Glass Bugs

    Make these fabulous stained glass effect bugs and create amazing window displays that glow showing luminous colours when the light shines through them.• 5 each of 7 designs• Includes pre-cut shapes, coloured vellum paper, chenilles and an instructions and ideas leaflet• Size: 220mm x…

  • Stained Glass Festival Lights

    Make your windows glow and celebrate the importance of light in the many religious festivals and holidays when you make and display these wonderful silhouette shapes.• Contains: 8 each of 4 designs and 15 sheets of A4 vellum• Ideas and instructions included• Size: 240mm to 300mm…

  • Stained Glass Cones

    Simple to make but very effective, these stained glass cone trees will glow and shine on a window sill or a shelf. Fantastic festive activity for mixed ability groups and snapshot sessions.• Contains: Pre-cut cone shapes, glitter stars and circles• Size: 150mm x 90mm (approx.)• Pack…

  • Ultra Bright LED Light Panels

    Provoke and stimulate learning by offering children a new perspective on anything that may be of interest to them. The soft glow from the light box transforms objects and can stimulate a sense of beauty and wonder. • Safe, lightweight and portable• Supplied with a 12V mains adaptor and…

  • Active World Arctic Mat

    A detailed mat with an Arctic theme, perfect to fit in the active world tray. Move between reindeer, polar bears and their young and watch out for the whales. Use ice cubes, snow, glitter, white gravel and glow rocks to really set the scene. Age: 10 months+.• Size: 860mm(dia.)• Made of plastic

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