Gojo Dispenser

  • GOJO® Mild Lotion Soap & Dispenser

    GOJO® Mild Lotion Soap: Specially formulated for frequent washing, recommended by the Health Service and is both fragrant and dye free (8 x 1000ml)NXT Space Saver Dispenser: Compact design with one hand push operation. • ADA compliant• Dispenser size: 254mm(h) x 127mm(w) x 101mm(d)

  • GOJO® TFX™ Anti-Bacterial Foam Soap & Dispenser

    TFX Anti-Bacterial Soap, Conforms to EN 1499 and EN 1276. Fragrance free (2 x 1200ml).TFX Touch Free Dispenser, Capacity: 1.2 litres. Fully RoHS compliant, UL/CR registered.• Dispenser size: 266mm(h) x 152mm(w) x 101mm(d)

  • GOJO® FMX™ Hand Wash & Dispenser

    …tested. Conforms to EN1499 and EN1276 (3 x 1200ml).GOJO® Hand Dispenser: One hand push operation, and featuring a skylight with an extra large site window to easily see the volume of liquid that is left. Lockable.• ADA compliant• Dispenser size: 127mm(w) x 101mm(d) x 254mm(h)

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