Good Work Stamp

  • Motivational Stamps 3 in 1

    Three motivational messages in one pre-inked stamp.Stamp 1:• Much Improved• Good Work• Excellent WorkStamp 2:• Teacher Assisted• TA Assisted Work• Independent Work

  • Motivational Stamps

    Motivational stamps can make education more rewarding. Ideal for recognising and rewarding children's good work and achievements.• Pre-inked and re-inkable• Selection of motivational messages• Sold singly or in packs of 12

  • Artline CliXstamper Motivational Stamp Pen

    An ideal and efficient combination for teachers when marking and motivating; a retractable ball point pen with a built-in 9mm pre-inked stamp.• Up to 5,000 impressions • Suitable for stamping on most surfaces• Choice of 3 styles: gold star, good work and smiley face

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