Greek Artefacts

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  • Greek Archaeo-Box

    …the Ancient Greeks. Packed with artefacts exploring mythology, entertainment, games and much more. Includes trowel and brush set and a handy storage box.Contains:• 1 x 15cm Corinthian Hydria• 4 x Replica Greek Coins• 2 x Theatrical Masks• 1 x 8cm Oil Lamp• 1 x Greek Spinning…

  • Ancient Greece Artefact Collection

    …exploring everyday life in Ancient Greece. Explore what you think the artefacts would of been used for and the importance of them.Contains:• Ancient Greek sandals• Ancient Greek Corinthian hydria• Replica ancient Greek coins• Greek discus replica• Replica Corinthian helmet

  • Artefacts Through History Collection

    …hands-on collection of artefacts covering every period in the KS2 Curriculum and more! Perfect for renewing or starting a fresh artefact collection.Includes: • Resin Flintstone Hand Axe• 5 Roman Knucklebones• Roman Strigil• Classical Roman Lamp• Greek Spinning Top•…

  • Ancient Olympics Time Capsule

    …collection to explore the ancient games. Contains artefacts to explore different Olympic events, the award ceremony and the importance of the games. Perfect to relive the success of 2012! Contents may vary. Includes notes.Contains:• 1 x Greek Discus Resin Replica (10mm) • 1 x Long Jumper…

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