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  • Greek Archaeo-Box

    …the Ancient Greeks. Packed with artefacts exploring mythology, entertainment, games and much more. Includes trowel and brush set and a handy storage box.Contains:• 1 x 15cm Corinthian Hydria• 4 x Replica Greek Coins• 2 x Theatrical Masks• 1 x 8cm Oil Lamp• 1 x Greek Spinning…

  • Ancient Greece Artefact Collection

    …exploring everyday life in Ancient Greece. Explore what you think the artefacts would of been used for and the importance of them.Contains:• Ancient Greek sandals• Ancient Greek Corinthian hydria• Replica ancient Greek coins• Greek discus replica• Replica Corinthian helmet

  • Make a Greek Comedy & Tragedy Mask

    History, Art, Literature and Drama all connected in one ready to use pack. These easy to make masks are a great craft activity which have a variety of cross curricular applications.• Contents: 30 pre-cut mask shapes, gold and silver glitter paper, ideas booklet and instructions• Size:…

  • Ancient Greek Ideas Poster and Photopack

    This poster forms an overview of how the legacy of Ancient Greece still lives on today through a variety of topics such as the Olympic Games, theatre, government, medicine, learning, language and buildings.Contains:• 16 x photographs: A4 - 210mm(w) x 297mm(h)• Poster: 1000mm(w) x 700mm(h)

  • BrainBox Awful Ancients

    Worded in true Horrible Histories style, BrainBox Awful Ancients is a fun way to learn all about life in ancient times; including Romans, Greeks and Egyptians.• For 1 or more players• Contains 54 cards, timer and die

  • Ancient Greece Timeline

    Perfect for understanding the chronological events of the Ancient Greeks and their influences on the wider world. Includes 'stick on' stands, great for using as a desktop display. Alternatively, use as a wall display or as a chronological sequencing activity. Written by history expert, Alf…

  • Ancient Olympics Time Capsule

    …the award ceremony and the importance of the games. Perfect to relive the success of 2012! Contents may vary. Includes notes.Contains:• 1 x Greek Discus Resin Replica (10mm) • 1 x Long Jumper Weights Resin Replica (260mm) • 1 x Olympic Horse Bit Artefact • 1 x Victory Plaque

  • Historical Currency Collection

    …forms of currency and its origins. Children will be fascinated when they discover that currency has not always been coins, notes and cards that they are familiar with today.Contents: • 10 x Roman Coins• 4 x Greek Coins• 1 x Manilla• Bag of Cowrie Shells• Bag of Cocoa Beans

  • Toys Of The Past Collection

    …and contrast activity. Ideal for direct comparison exercises and to demonstrate how the same idea has changed and developed through the years.Contains:•1 x Greek Spinning Top•1 x Catch-it Cone•1 x Bag of Metal Jacks•1 x Tudor Five Stones Game•1 x Victorian Cup and Ball Toy

  • Artefacts Through History Collection

    …fresh artefact collection.Includes: • Resin Flintstone Hand Axe• 5 Roman Knucklebones• Roman Strigil• Classical Roman Lamp• Greek Spinning Top• Anglo Saxon Chainmail Patch• Egyptian Replica God Bast• Viking Horn• Tudor Oil Lamp• Butter Pats• Gas…

  • Coins Through Time Collection

    …and beyond. Great for a historical enquiry activity, to open up a lesson and get children engaged, or even to bury in sand for an archaeological dig, a highly versatile resource.Coinage includes: • Greeks• Romans• Vikings• Anglo-Saxons• Tudors• Victorians• Post War

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