Green Highlighers

  • STABILO® BOSS Chisel Tip Highlighters

    …cap-off time.• Pack of 4: yellow, green, orange, pink• Pack of 6: yellow, blue, red, green, orange, pink• Pack of 8: yellow, blue, red, green, turquoise, lilac, orange, pink• Pack of 48: (018320) 24 yellow and 6 each of pink, blue, green and orange• Pack of 48: (018321) 6…

  • Consortium Highlighters

    …including fax paper.• Chisel tip for precise highlighting, suitable for use on most types of paper, including fax paper• Water-based ink• Pack of 48 contains: 24 yellow, 6 green, 6 pink, 6 blue and 6 orange• Pack of 96 contains: 48 yellow, 12 green, 12 pink, 12 blue and 12 orange

  • Peer & Self Assessment Classbox

    Classboxes for peer and self assessment, with a polypropylene box for easy access and storage. Kit includes:• 50 x ballpoint pens• 10 x highlighters• Available in green and pink• Size: 355mm(w) x 100mm(d) x 70mm(h)• Sold as set

  • Edding 24 Eco Line Highlighters

    Luminous coloured highlighter made from 90% renewable resources with Blue Angel eco-label.• Chisel nib with 2 - 5mm line width• Available in a choice of 4 colours• Pack of 10

  • Budget Essentials Stick Highlighter

    …Water based ink • Pocket clip• Choice of single colours and assorted packs• Single colours in packs of 10• Pack of 4: 1 each of yellow, green, pink and orange• Pack of 20: 5 each of yellow, green, pink and orange• Pack of 50: 20 yellow, 10 each of green, pink and orange

  • Gel Highlighters

    …Smooth round barrel for a comfortable grip• Water based and washable• Available in single packs of 10 or assorted packs of 4 and 60• Assorted pack of 4: 1 each of green, pink, yellow and orange• Assorted pack of 60: 20 each of green and pink and 10 each of yellow and orange

  • Budget Essentials Mini Highlighters

    Mini highlighters are convenient to use, ideal for pencil cases and small hands. Available in 2 options.• Pack of 5 assorted colours: 1 each of yellow, orange, pink, green and blue• Tub of 30 assorted colours: 15 yellow, 5 orange, 5 pink and 5 green

  • Budget Essentials Highlighters

    …fadeless ink.• Chisel tip - gives line widths of 2mm-5mm• Suitable for most paper• Pack of 6: yellow, green, pink, orange, blue and purple• Pack of 24: 4 each of yellow, green, pink, orange, blue and purple• Pack of 60: 10 each of yellow, green, pink, orange, blue and purple

  • STABILO® BOSS Mini Highlighters

    Perfect size for pencil cases.• Water-based ink• Pack of 5 assorted colours: yellow, green, pink, orange and blue

  • STABILO® BOSS Pastel Highlighters

    …Stabilo Boss Pastel. Now has even longer writing length and 4 hour cap-off time. • Water-based ink suitable for most papers, including fax and carbonless copy paper• Pack of 6: Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple• Pack of 48: 12 Yellow, 12 Pink, 6 each of Blue, Green, Orange, Purple

  • Pilot Frixion Erasable Highlighters

    …that features erasable ink, perfect for working in shared textbooks as you can remove your highlights before handing the book back.• 3.3mm line width• Erasable ink - simply use the eraser on the end cap• Assorted pack of 3 contains: yellow, pink and green• Pack of 12 yellow

  • STABILO® Flash Stick Highlighters

    …copy paper and fax. Available in an assorted pack of 6 colours.• Pocket size, ventilated cap with clip• Chisel tip: line width 1mm to 3.5mm• Anti dry out technology: allows 4 hours cap off time• Assorted colours: pink, orange, yellow, green, red and blue• Pack of 6

  • Big Box Writing Kit

    …pens • 144 x The Consortium HB pencils• 80 x The Consortium small pencil erasers• 100 x Value sharpener single hole• 48 x The Consortium highlighters: 24 yellow and 6 each of green, pink, blue and orange• Storage box size: 385mm(w) x 485mm(d) x 200mm(h)• Sold as set

  • Base Ten Group Set

    …visualise numbers when learning basic addition, subtraction as well as multiplication and division in 10s. Each block is marked in centimetre squares to highlight how each unit relates to it. Includes: • 4 x 100mm³ red blocks • 30 x 100mm² blue flats• 50 x 100mm green rods• 100 x 10mm³ yellow cubes

  • Index Flags

    …highlighting passages of text in books.• Made from transparent PET foil• Size: 12mm(w) x 43mm(l)• 36 of each colour flag• Solid colour pack contains 1 each of: yellow, green, pink and blue• Colour tip pack contains 1 each of: yellow, green, red and blue• Sold per pack

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