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  • Double Guiro

    Dual purpose guiro and wood block that provides a hi-lo tone.• Length: 260mm• Includes wooden beater/scraper• Sold singly

  • Percussion Workshop Set

    This percussion workshop contains a selection of percussion instruments for up to 17 players.The set typically contains:• Guiro with scraper• Metal shaker• Maracas• Tambourines• Claves• Agogo with beater• Woodblocks with beaters• Castanets•…

  • Small Hands Wooden Percussion Pack

    A range of high quality wooden instruments specially designed for little hands, up to 10 players.Set contains:• Maracas• Castanets• Tambourine• Triangle• Claves• Rhythm-clapper• Guiro• Finger cymbals• Wooden shaker• Jingle stick• Carry case

  • Small Multicultural Percussion Basket

    This basket contains instruments from many parts of the world.Contains:• 1 x Shekere• 1 x Monkey Drum• 1 x Grasshopper Rasp• 1 x Hexagon Shaker• 1 x Talking Shaker• 1 x Cane Basket Shaker• 1 x Thunder Tube• 1 x pair of Claves• 1 x Shaker/Guiro• Cane…

  • Little Hands 16 Player Set

    A great set for sound exploration with younger children.Set contains:• 1 x clapper• 1 x guiro/shaker• 1 pair of handle castanets• 4 x egg shakers• 1 pair of frog maracas• 2 hand held sleigh bells• 1 x tambourine• 1 x glockenspiel• 1 x fish tone…

  • Music Sensory Tub

    …used with individuals or within a group. Contains:• Apple, banana and orange shakers• Maraquitas• Chilean rainstick• Frog guiro• Cabasa• Wrist, ankle and sleigh bells• Headless tambourine• Egg maracas• Small shakers• Tambour• Triangle•…

  • Bang & Scrape Frame

    …Block• 1 x Two-Tone Woodblock• 1 x Large Woodblock• 1 x Wooden Agogo• 1 x 30cm Cymbal• 1 x 30cm Hand Drum• 1 x 25cm MES Tambourine• 1 x Half Moon Tambourine• 1 x 30cm Guiro• 1 x 20cm Triangle• 1 x 15cm Triangle• 1 x 30cm Gong• 1 x 16cm Gong

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