H2 Paper Towels

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  • TORK® Xpress™ Multifold Hand Towels 1 Ply

    …Hand Towel system for Multifold hand towels is suitable for environments that demand both comfort and hygiene.• Fits the Tork H2 Hand Towel Dispenser (item code: 006959)• 1 ply, white and blue• One is enough: lower cost in use• Economic value-for-money option• Towel size:…

  • TORK® Xpress™ H2 Mini Hand Towel System

    • To be used with TORK Xpress Multifold Hand Towels (item codes: 029973 and 029974)• Touch-free single towel dispensing, only touch the towel you use• Extra slim design• Side-opening hood which is easy to refill • Lockable• Size: 302mm(w) x 101mm(d) x 295mm(h)

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