Hand And Feet Markers

  • Floor Markers Hands and Feet

    These vinyl feet and hands are a great coaching aid in terms of placement or teaching resource for setting out play routes.• Contrasting left and right feet and hands• Colours: red and blue• Pack of 10

  • Floor Marker Compendium Set

    A great value 74 piece set of poly floormarkers. Contains:• 20 x straight lines (10 yellow, 10 blue)• 10 x curved lines (red)• 4 x corners (2 blue and 2 yellow) • 10 x pairs of feet (10 blue,10 red) • 10 x pairs of hands (10 red, 10 blue)

  • Floor Markers

    • For indoor and outdoor use• Hand and feet sets include 10 each of red and blue• Compendium set includes hands, feet, 20 x straight lines, 10 x curved lines and 4 x corners

  • Magic Light Table

    …sticks, sand combs, dry-wipe markers, blowing through straws and using their hands and feet to make imprints. The organic surface is safe to use with dry materials such as rice, sand, oats and materials, or with wet material such as watercolour paints and dry-wipe markers. Age: 3 years+.• 16 light…

  • Consortium Gold PE kit

    …6 x 150mm Easygrip playballs• 12 x Rubber quoits (mixed colours)• 3 x Pack of 6 floor marker spots• 40 x Traditional beanbags (mixed colours)• 1 x Court marker set• 10 x Throw down feet• 10 x Throw down hands• 4 x 450mm Standard hoops (mixed colours)• 4 x 600mm Standard hoops (mixed colours)• 4 x…

  • Early Years Physical Development Kit

    …x 13.5cm Playground Balls•6 x 7cm Coated Foam Balls•6 x 7cm Air flow Balls•5 x Koosh Balls•6 x Rubber Quoits•6 x Colour Flat Discs•24 x Hand and Feet Markers•40 x Soft Dome Cones•10 x Dancing Scarves•6 x Catching Scarves•6 x Dancing Rings•6 x Holding Streamers•1 x 3.5m Parachute•4 x 3 in…

  • Consortium Gym kit

    …• 4 x 600mm Standard hoops (mixed colours)• 4 x 750mm Standard hoops (mixed colours) • 4 x 900mm Standard hoops (mixed colours)• 4 x Stability discs• 10 x Throw down feet• 10 x Throw down hands • 6 x Bangle Ribbons• 4 x Pack of 6 floor marker spots• 1 x Pack of 6 coloured ribbons• Large holdall

  • First-Play 263 Piece Games Activity Kit

    …animal bean bags• 4 x quoits• 12 x gameflow balls• 2 x non-sting basketballs• 10 x marking hands• 6 x risbees• 12 x skipping ropes• 4 x 100mm play balls• 2 x non-sting netballs• 10 x marking feet• 50 x marker discs• 1 x rugby ball• 4 x 160mm play balls• 12 x table tennis bats• 10 x marking arrows• 6…

  • First-Play Playtime Activity Tub

    feet• 1 x foam football• 2 x catchtail balls• 1 x 70mm flexi ball• 2 x padder bats• 6 x marking hands• 1 x foam netball• 3 x rainbow wands• 6 x skipping ropes• 3 x ankle skips• 4 x Eurohoc sticks• 4 x 100mm soft touch balls• 2 x pom pom balls• 1 x inflator• 2 x paddle hoops• 25 x space markers• 10 x…

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