Hand Dispenser

  • TORK® Elevation S1 Premium Hand Soaps

    …Provides an extra hygienic hand wash where required, like in food processing and kitchens. Approved according to EN1499 which reduces 99.9% of bacteria. It is perfume and colour free which minimises the risk for allergic reactions (6 x 1000ml).TORK® Liquid Soap Dispenser: Suitable for all kinds…

  • Consortium Hand Towel Dispensers

    Manufactured from tough, injection moulded plastic this dispenser is as strong as it is versatile, accommodating your choice of inter-leaved or centrefold hand towels.• For use with most full width flat packed tissue• Standard - 290mm(w) x 145mm(d) x 425mm(h)• Mini - 290mm(w) x 145mm(d) x…

  • Cutan Proline™ Circle Sanitiser Dispenser

    This dispenser offers design innovation and state-of-the-art dispensing technology. Seven images on the dispenser demonstrate how to sanitise hands thoroughly.• Compatible with hand sanitisation refills (item codes: 810575 and 810576)• Unique anti-theft locking mechanism• Large push…

  • Surgical Hand Gel & Touchless Dispenser

    Surgical Hand Gel Refill:• Conforms to EN1500, EN1276, AFNOR, EN14476, EN12054 and EN13727• For use in medium to high risk areasTouchless Gel Dispenser:• Reliable dispensing with longer battery life than alternatives• Easy to use, no key required to insert refill bottle•…

  • Cutan® Hand Sanitiser Refills

    For the rapid disinfection of physically clean hands.• For use with the Cutan™ Sanitiser Dispenser (item code: 006928)• Conforms to EN1500, EN1275 and EN1276• Alcohol based Foam or Gel• Kills 99.999% of many common germs in 15 seconds• Specially formulated, with ethyl…

  • GOJO® FMX™ Hand Wash & Dispenser

    …Mild Antimicrobial Foam Hand Wash: Cleans hands gently while offering the extra measure of killing germs. A smooth foaming hand wash which is fragrance free and dermatologically tested. Conforms to EN1499 and EN1276 (3 x 1200ml).GOJO® Hand Dispenser: One hand push operation, and featuring…

  • Alcohol Hand Gel

    A high quality, professional grade hand gel which is proven to be effective against bacteria, viruses and spores. Effective yet gentle on the skin.• High alcohol content for maximum effectiveness• Conforms to EN1500, EN1276, AFNOR, EN14476, EN12054 and EN13727• Kills 99.9% of…

  • GOJO® Mild Lotion Soap & Dispenser

    GOJO® Mild Lotion Soap: Specially formulated for frequent washing, recommended by the Health Service and is both fragrant and dye free (8 x 1000ml)NXT Space Saver Dispenser: Compact design with one hand push operation. • ADA compliant• Dispenser size: 254mm(h) x 127mm(w) x 101mm(d)

  • TORK® Elevation S1 Premium Hand Soaps

    …who need to wash their hands frequently. It is a very mild, creamy soap which is dermatologically tested. Non perfumed and free from colour.TORK® Liquid Soap Dispenser: Suitable for all kinds of washrooms - even in tough and demanding environments. The dispenser is reliable and drip free.•…

  • Cutan® Proline Dispenser Cartridge Refills

    …washroom use with a skin friendly pH value.OxyBAC® FOAM Wash Soap: Kills 99.999% of bacteria in 30 seconds making it perfect for areas where good hygiene is essential.For use with Deb ProLine Dispenser (item code: 820120) or Mr Soapy Soap Dispenser (item code: 042340).• Pack of 6 x 1000ml

  • TORK® Elevation H3 Singlefold Hand Towel Dispenser

    …with Singlefold Hand Towels (item codes: 029972, 035082, 029988, 013336, 013329, 850005, 004528) • Single sheet dispensing reduces consumption and saves money• Touchless dispensing provides a more hygienic washroom and workplace environment• High Capacity Dispenser: holds up to 2.5…

  • TORK® Matic® H1 Hand Towel Roll System

    …with its efficient absorption and wet-strong hybrid true air dried quality.• To be used with TORK® Advance H1 Hand Towel Rolls (item code: 810368)• Dispenses one sheet at a time: reducing consumption• Stub roll facility and refill indicator: easy maintenance• Food contact…

  • Consortium Centrefeed Hand Towel Dispenser

    This dispenser is made from smooth plastic and features a self-locking cover with a universal key supplied. Compatible with both perforated and non-perforated paper, it also features a unique tear-off cleat mechanism which avoids paper wastage.• For use with most centrefeed hand towels…

  • TORK® Matic Elevation H1 Hand Towel Roll Dispenser

    Ideal for busy washrooms reducing paper consumption as it dispenses one towel at a time.• To be used with TORK® Advance H1 Hand Towel Roll (item code: 810368)• Touch-free, only the paper used is touched• Semi-transparent window to easily see when refilling is required• Easy…

  • TORK Xpress® Multi Hand Towel Dispenser

    …TORK Xpress® Multifold Hand Towel Dispenser in Elevation Design is suitable for environments that demand both comfort and hygiene. This slim, attractive dispenser reduces consumption and waste with one-at-a-time dispensing.• To be used with TORK Xpress® Multifold Hand Towels (item code: 039493…

  • Consortium Mini Centrefeed Hand Towel Dispenser

    …space-saving dispenser fits perforated and non-perforated paper rolls and is designed for areas that require fast access. The unique tear-off mechanism minimises paper waste.Includes wall fixing and universal key for self-locking cover.• For use with most mini centrefeed hand towels including…

  • PURELL® Hygienic Hand Rub NXT

    Hand Rub Refill:• Specially formulated with moisturisers to leave hands feeling soft and refreshed• Alcohol based formula• Conforms to EN1500, EN1040 and EN12054• Yeasticidal according to EN1275NXT Space Saver Dispenser:• Push button operation• Lockable• Refill in…

  • Post-it® Z-Notes Dispenser

    hand and they pop up one at a time so it's easy to just peel and write.• Peel off a note and keep one hand free!• The trick is in the grip: gripper base ensures the dispenser stays put when you pull a note• Post-it Z-Notes are made from 100% PEFC certified paper fibres• Dispenser

  • Mr Soapy Soap Dispenser

    Brightly coloured, fun to use dispenser.• Compatible with cartridge refills (item codes: 028279, 800247 and 800248)• Encourages regular use, to promote good hand hygiene practice• Large push buttons• Lockable• Size: 130mm(w) x 105mm(d) x 230mm(h)

  • Consortium Bulk Tissue Dispenser

    This dispenser is suitable for half width paper towels and multi-flat or flatpack toilet tissue.• For use with Consortium Bulk Pack Toilet Tissue (item code: 042705) or Consortium Half Width Hand Towels (item code: 820204)• Manufactured from moulded plastic• Self locking cover with…

  • Foaming Hand Wash

    An unperfumed, clear foam hand cleaner, ideal for use where high standards of hygiene are required. • Rinses off easily• Contains no fragrance, is odourless and non-tainting, therefore is food safe• Complies with BS EN 1276 and BS EN 13727• Kills 99.9% germs in 30 seconds• 800ml• Sold singly

  • Alcohol-Free Foam Hand Sanitiser

    Scientifically proven, medical grade protection that cleans hands without the need for water. Kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses tested.• Conforms to EN1500, EN1276, AFNOR, EN14476, EN12054 and EN13727• Added skin moisturisers and conditioners, reducing risk of irritation • Contact…

  • TORK® Reflex Single Sheet Centrefeed Dispenser

    …paper consumption by up to 37%, preventing waste and decreasing refill frequency.• Dispenser Size: 252mm(w) x 240mm(d) x 310mm(h)• Roll size: 194mm(w) x 150m(l) x 590mm(core)• Multipurpose, ideal for mopping and hand wiping• Food contact approved• From sustainable sources• Sheets per roll: 429

  • Tork Foam Soap Dispenser with Intuition™ Sensor

    The Tork Foam Soap Dispenser with Intuition ™Sensor in Elevation Design can be used with a wide range of S4 skincare products in sealed bottles. Its touch-free dispensing ensures good hand hygiene for all users. Elevation dispensers have a functional and modern design..

  • Consortium Centrefeed Hand Towels

    Great quality and well priced centrefeed white hand towel.• Fits most hand towel dispensers including Consortium Centrefeed Hand Towel Dispenser (item code: 820128)• Available in 1 and 2 ply, blue or white• Recycled• CHSA Approved• The cardboard centre is for reinforcement…

  • Consortium C-Fold Hand Towels

    Excellent value c-fold hand towels.• 1 Ply• Towel size: 225mm x 310mm • 15 sleeves of 176• Box of 2850• Fits Consortium Hand Towel Dispensers 820125 and 034669

  • TORK® Centrefeed Blue Hand Towel

    Ideal for high consumption areas.• Fits most centrefeed hand towel dispensers including Consortium Centrefeed Hand Towel Dispenser (item code: 820128)• 2 ply, blue• CHSA Approved• Roll size: 200mm(w) x 150m(l)• Pack size: 6 rolls

  • Consortium Mini Centrefeed Hand Towel

    • Fits most hand towel dispensers including Consortium Mini Centrefeed Hand Towel Dispenser (item code: 810503)• Available in 1 or 2 ply, white or blue• Recycled• Roll size: 195mm(w) x 120m(l)• 12 packed rolls to a poly bag for improved hygiene

  • TORK® Advanced Soft Singlefold Hand Towels 2 Ply

    The TORK® Singlefold Hand Towel system provides single sheet dispensing.• Fits the TORK® H3 Singlefold Hand Towel Dispenser (item code: 029970)• 2 ply, white• Great absorption capacity• One is enough: lower cost in use• Towel size: 230mm x 248mm• 15 sleeves of 250•…

  • Consortium Liquid Hand Soap

    Great quality and price combined in this mild liquid soap.• For use with most bulk fill dispensers including Consortium Soap Dispenser (item code: 880016)• With added emollient to leave hands feeling soft• 2 x 5 litres• Contact time of 30 seconds

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