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  • Hot and Cold Pack Cover

    It's recommended to use a cover whenever using reusable and disposable hot or cold therapy packs directly to the skin to prevent the chances of heat or freeze burns.• Single use• Prevents any cross-contamination• Size: 280mm x 175mm• Sold singly

  • Heat Resistant Mats

    Calcium silicate, asbestos-free bench mats.• Pack of 10• Depth: 4mm

  • Heat Resistant Mats

    Calcium silicate, asbestos-free bench mats.• Size: 230mm x 230mm• Pack of 10

  • Heavy-Duty Adult Clothing Protectors

    …and quality. A comfortable neckline and a bright selection of patterns help promote dignity.• Snap closure• Machine washable up to 95°C• Suitable to tumble dry on a medium heat setting• Size: 450mm(w) x 900mm(l)• Pack of 3; Green Stuart, Blue Stuart and Yellow Check

  • Borosilicate Beakers

    Squat form spouted beakers made from Borosilicate glass that can be heated to 500°C. • Pack of 12

  • Silk Paint Starter Set

    A great set to get you started in silk painting. • Set contains: 6 x 150ml intense colours which are totally inter-mixable and heat fixed, rock salt for special effects, 100 silk pins for securing silk to frames, gutta and instructions

  • Borosilicate Conical Flasks

    Conical flasks designed for general laboratory use, with white graduations and reinforced rim.• Superior chemical and heat resistance• Available in 2 capacities• Sold as a pack of 6 or 24

  • MediChill Ice Pads

    …Ice Pads contain cells of super absorbent polymers. Simply soak the sheet in water, freeze or used chilled from the fridge. Alternatively, microwave to heat.• Can be cut to size• Remains flexible when frozen• Reusable • Non-toxic• Pack of 10 sheets (12 cells per sheet)

  • Melamine White Mugs

    A strong durable mug that is virtually unbreakable.• Capacity: 300ml (10oz)• Heat resistant to 100°c• Dishwasher safe• Sold singly or in a pack of 12

  • Scola DI-Stix Crayons

    …can be drawn onto paper first. The benefit of this is that any mistakes can be just thrown away and started again. Also teaches reverse writing. The crayons in the pack do not truly reflect the finished colours as the heat from the iron brings out the colour.• Assorted colours• Pack of 10

  • Polypropylene Measuring Cylinders

    Graduated polypropylene cylinders with spout. • Safer than glass cylinders • No heat-aggressive media should be used on these items• Available in a range of capacities and pack sizes

  • Thermochromic Paper A4

    Heat sensitive paper that changes colour as the temperature rises! Great for investigating temperature, insulation and body temperature. Supplied in four colours: blue/white, purple/pink, pink/white and green/yellow.• Pack of 40

  • Consortium Fabric Paint Pots

    …and also screen printing, stamping and stencilling. Heat fix by ironing on the reverse side for 3-4 mins on a hot iron setting.• Assorted pack: white, black, ultramarine, scarlet, emerald green and lemon• Metallic and Fluorescent pack: metallic gold, metallic silver, fluorescent lemon,…

  • Scola Fabric Paints

    …painted directly on to fabrics then heat fixed by ironing on the reverse side for 3-4 mins on a hot iron.• Metallic pack: gold, pearl, copper, bronze, pink and blue• Fluorescent pack: red, yellow, green, orange, pink and blue• Assorted colours pack: white, black, yellow, red, blue,…

  • Macro Science Kit - Investigations KS2

    This superb educational resource pack links with Key Stage 2 Science and can be used to study rocks, magnets, stretching forces, heating and mixing solids and liquids.Contains:• Measuring cylinders• Plastic beakers• Petri dishes• Sieves• Foil cases• Clamp stand and…

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