High Jump

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  • Regulation Aluminium High Jump Lath

    A fibreglass high jump lath made to regulation. Comes with plastic square end caps.• IAAF specification• Size: 30mm(dia)• Length: 4m• Sold singly

  • Harrod Schools High Jump Stands

    These steel stands are zinc phosphate and polyester powder coated green. Stands have a solid steel base fitted with rubber caps for floor protection.• 25mm x 1.6mm thick square steel uprights• Complete with heavy duty, calibrated strip label• Junior: markings from 550mm-1350mm•…

  • High Jump Landing Area - 3 Module with Cut-Outs

    Comprises of:• 1 x centre module- 1.66m(w) x 2.5m(d) x 500mm(h)• 2 x end modules- 1.66m(w) x 2.5m(d) x 500mm(h) with 750mm(w) x 400mm(d) cut-outs• Total size of area- 5m(w) x 2.5m(d) x 500mm(h)• Available with PVC or spikeproof covers• Replacement covers also available…

  • International High Jump Stands

    A pair of high jump stands with weighted steel bases to keep them grounded. Stands come powder coated blue and comes complete with an adjustable height slider.• Uprights made from 30mm square steel• Height range: 0.57m-2.35m• Weight: 20kg• Sold as a pair

  • High Jump Flexibar

    Foam sectioned elastic rope that can be used for high jump practice. A looped elastic cord covered with alternate black and white foam sections.• Ideal for beginners • Size: 4m(l)• Sold singly

  • Competition High Jump Stands

    Special aluminium telescopic pillar construction profiles which are bolted to 457mm (18") square roll away steel bases. Two precision risers ensure the crossbar is securely located at an accurate height. Heavy duty construction for maximum stability.• Easy to assemble• Height…

  • Beemat Safety Mats

    Blue, nylon, flame retardant covers with an anti-slip base and sticky hook and loop fastener ends. Complete with carrying handles, toggles and loops in each corner.• Standard FR (Category 2A)• Available in 8 sizes• Sold singly

  • High Jump Landing Area - 7 Module without Cut-Outs

    Comprises of:• 3 x 'A' modules: 1.66m(w) x 2.5m(d) x 255mm(h)• 4 x 'B' modules: 1.25m(w) x 2.5m(d) x 255mm(h)• Total size of area: 5m(w) x 2.5m(d) x 510mm(h)• Available with PVC or spikeproof covers• Replacement modules and covers also available separately

  • Consortium Long Jump Sand

    This clean, safe, non-toxic sand is excellent for filling up your long jump pit.

  • Soft rocker play box

    …children rock, slide, balance and jump with this unique soft rocker box. Comprises of 14 soft play shapes and 5 mats which connect with heavy duty velcro to form a study storage box. The shapes include 2 slides, 2 steps, 4 triangle prisms and 6 rocking shapes.• High quality matt finish covers…

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