Hula Hoop Set

  • Hula Hoop Big Deal

    A set of 48 plastic hoops in a variety of colours and diameters that can be used for a number of play activities, with a FREE hoop holdall.Contains:• 12 x 450mm(dia) hoops• 12 x 600mm(dia) hoops• 12 x 750mm(dia) hoops• 12 x 900mm(dia) hoops• 1 x hula hoop holdall FREE

  • Basketball Trainer Unit

    A multiple-target basketball stand with four hoops set at four different height levels, making it ideal for group activities for all abilities. The three outer hoops turn into the metal frame for easy storage. The storage bag fits neatly in the lower half of the stand. • Central ring size: 18"…

  • Sack Hoop and Wall Bracket Set

    A great time saving device, ideal for keeping refuse sacks open.• Ideal for litter picking• Wall bracket included• Colour may vary• Inside diameter: 305mm• Material: Polypropylene• Sold singly

  • First-Play Obstacle Kit

    …games lessons.Contains:• 3 x multi-Bases• 8 x 300mm cones• 3 x 230mm cones • 3 x 600mm hoops• 3 x gameflow balls• 12 x post and hoop clips• 12 x post clips• 4 x drywipe signs• 6 x 360mm hoops• 12 x 1000mm posts• 6 x 500mm posts• 1 x holdall

  • Lawn Croquet Set

    A fun, introductory Lawn Croquet set perfectly sized for children.Contains:• 4 x brightly coloured wooden mallets and balls• 6 x metal hoops• 1 x wooden winning pole• 1 x set of rules• 1 x zip fastening nylon bag with shoulder strap

  • Kurling Kroquet

    …nine fibreglass Kroquet hoops randomly on the floor then play the kurling stone or bowl through each hoop. The player with the least score wins, if you knock a hoop over you place it in an upright position and play it again. Kurling stones not included. • Set of 9 hoops• Weight: 1200g•…

  • Movement Activity Pack

    …great set can achieve a wide range of layouts to suit various age ranges. It can also be used to develop movement and set targets for throwing activities. Contains:• 12 x bean bags • 8 x 300mm cones• 3 x 500mm flat hoops • 2 x 600mm flat hoops• 4 x 300mm flat hoops •…

  • Flower Scented Bubbles

    This set has 4 flower scents - Lavender, Violet, Mimosa and Rose. Great for playing games. Create different sized bubbles by blowing through the large and small hoops on the dipping stick. Age: 3 years+.• Bottle size: 60ml• Pack of 4

  • Niels Larsen Gym Time Pack

    …a set of 22 worksheets on CD with detailed assembly instructions, suggested layouts and storage as well as warm-up tracks and an allen key.Contains:• 2 x 450mm trestles• 2 x 760mm trestles• 4 x plain tops (970mm x 430mm)• 4 x top pads (970mm x 430mm)• 1 x 2100mm hoop• 1…

  • Creative Movement Kit

    …which will enhance dance lessons and rhythmic gymnastics.Contains: • 4 x 600mm hoops• 4 x 160mm balls• 3 x scarves• 6 x wands• 6 x tapsticks• 4 x dance rings• 4 x clubs• 4 x ropes• 6 x movement spots• 1 x set of activity cards• 1 x storage bag

  • Niels Larsen Complete Gym Time Pack

    …pads (fits plain top) 970mm x 430mm• 1 x balance bench (2440mm long)• 1 x balance bench top pad (2250mm long)• 1 x 2100mm hoop• 1 x 2600mm hoop• 2 x single bars (2050mm long)• 1 x ladder (1900mm long)• 1 x balance/slide plank (1850mm long)• 1 x support pack

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