Human Body

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  • Life-Size Human Body Poster

    This life-size illustration of a child's body clearly shows the location of the organs. • Includes teachers' guide with photocopiable diagrams• Two-piece set• Size when assembled: 500mm(w) x 1400mm(h)

  • Anatomical Torso

    Realistically coloured, dissectible anatomical torso with detailed body parts in the correct proportion and location. A fantastic tool for learning about the major organs and the physical relationship between them.• 11 pieces • Includes key to body parts• Height: 500mm

  • Human Biology Posters

    Put on your gloves and scrubs as you prepare to explore every system in the human anatomy. Popar brings the human body to life with amazing 4D models, videos, voice overs, and so much more. • Includes 4 mats• Size: 490mm(w) x 360mm(h)

  • Human X-Ray

    Hold these life-size human x-rays up to the light or use them on a light table and see every authentic detail of a real skeleton. Arrange the 18 pieces together to reproduce the entire body of a young adult 5’ (1.5m) tall.• The teacher guide includes reproducible artwork and information on…

  • Macro Science Kit - Our Body KS1

    An excellent selection of materials to assist young children to learn about humans. Study growth, health and variation with activities such as naming external body parts, hand spans, using your senses, growth and change and investigating height.Contains:• Soundtracks game• Wooden…

  • Cross-Section Models

    Realistic and detailed models let students examine the human body. Each model separates into halves, one with labels, the other with letters for self-checking or assessment (heart features labels only.) Age: 7+.• Each model includes an activity guide• Sold singly

  • The Human Body - Charts Combo Pack

    Set of 7 learning charts featuring a selection of posters with a glossy finish. Contains:• Nervous system• Skeletal system• Reproductive, endocrine and excretory systems• Respiratory system• Cardiovascular system• Muscular system• Digestive system• Includes…

  • Healthy Living Activity Set

    …set engages students in fun, thought-provoking activities that encourage co-operation and collaboration. The set covers topics such as the human body, nutrition, teeth, effects of smoking, danger of drugs and alcohol, exercise and much more. Comprehensive teacher and student notes are included…

  • The Human Body Posters

    The Human Body poster set provides an overview of the main parts of the human body including the muscular system, skeletal system, cardiovascular system and the respiratory system. • Set of 4• Size: A1

  • Bee-Bot® Human Body Mat

    Combine ICT and Science with this large human body Bee Bot floor mat. Test the children's knowledge of various internal organs, by asking them to plot the Bee-Bots route to the heart, liver, lungs etc.

  • Science Trolley - Human Body

    Science doesn't get much more 'real-world' than understanding our own bodies, and this kit will foster an understanding of many important aspects of our bodies and how they work. Some of the many topics covered include; different body systems and how they work, importance of correct diets, health…

  • Child Size Human Body Set

    This is a fascinating, life-size, anatomy-themed bulletin board.Contains:• 2 x figures • Header• Resource guide• Figure size: 1270mm(h) when assembled

  • What's Inside Me Doll

    Introduce students to the basic organs and systems of the human body. Unbutton the doll's chest to explore the organs inside the human body. Match the different organs to different body systems. Squeeze the heart, lungs and stomach to hear different sounds!• Features 7 removable organs…

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