Human Body Model

  • Complete Anatomy Models

    …of how organs and internal systems interact by allowing them to manipulate the inner workings of the human body. Set includes heart, brain, human body and skeleton anatomy models. Each realistically detailed plastic model includes a stand and a fact guide.• Realistically detailed anatomy models

  • Cross-Section Models

    Realistic and detailed models let students examine the human body. Each model separates into halves, one with labels, the other with letters for self-checking or assessment (heart features labels only.) Age: 7+.• Each model includes an activity guide• Sold singly

  • Healthy Living Activity Set

    …set engages students in fun, thought-provoking activities that encourage co-operation and collaboration. The set covers topics such as the human body, nutrition, teeth, effects of smoking, danger of drugs and alcohol, exercise and much more. Comprehensive teacher and student notes are included…

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