Hundreds Chart

  • Place Value Set

    chart 560mm x 43mm•30 x 120 Square Grid Boards with teaching windows•44 x Ten Frames and 144 Counters. Ten Frame measures 140mm x 60mm and Counter s 23mm•12 sets of Base Ten Blocks, for a total of 12 x blue hundreds blocks, 120 x green tens blocks, and 1,200 x yellow ones blocks. The blue hundred

  • Show-me® Original A4 Gridded Whiteboards

    …indestructible - ideal for individual pupil use. One side printed light-blue 20mm squares ideal for number and character formation, graphs, charts, shapes and diagrams. • A4 size, ideal for photocopying• Squared on one side, plain on reverse side for standard Show-me® board activities•…

  • Rain Gauge

    A simple rain gauge in translucent material.• Range: 0-50mm / 0-2 inches• Size: 210mm x 100mm dia.• Supplied complete with rainfall chart

  • Maths Mat 2

    …lesson.• Aimed at Key Stage 2 pupils• Place value chart• Number line to 100• Multiplication square• 100 square• Directed numbers• Number pairs• Fractions, decimals and percentages chart• Fraction wall• Percentage board• Fraction line•…

  • White Lined Sentence Strips

    These lined, white sentence strips have 3 thin lines on the back and 1 on the front. They are a great addition to any classroom for use in pocket charts, on a bulletin board, or just as a writing exercise. • Size: 75mm x 600mm• Pack of 100

  • Year 1 And Year 2 Complete Maths Kit

    …Dry wipe double sided number line boards• TTS coloured magnetic number frames• Pupils coloured counting strips• Maths number balance coloured dominoes• Transport counters• 1-100 wall pocket chart• Year 1 and Year 2 graded problem solving cards• Handy storage box

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