Id Pads

  • iD Expert Form

    iD Expert Form are anatomically-shaped pads offering an ideal solution for managing moderate to heavy incontinence on mobile or semi-mobile patients. These products provide high levels of absorption, making the user feel dry and comfortable and minimising the risk of skin irritation.• For use…

  • iD Expert Fix

    iD Expert Fix net pants assure the pad is held closely against the body, ensuring optimum performance of the pad. By incorporating soft fibres and double elastic lycra with thigh seams, the products structure guarantees optimal anti leakage security, allows more freedom for movement while also…

  • iD Expert Protect

    Designed to provide a high level of protection and softness, these bed and seat pads are made of a polyethylene back sheet and soft non-woven topsheet. The diamond-structured distribution of pulp maximises the diffusion of liquid. • Case size of 120

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