Imaginative Play

  • Fairy Toob®

    …with vibrant colours and professional sculpting. The active poses and accurate details are ideal for educational projects, dioramas, and imaginative play. Age: 3 years+.• Includes a reusable cylindrical tube that slides open and closed for easy storage and transportation• Average figure size:…

  • Baby Bath and Potty Set

    Perfect for little hands, this sweet Bath and Potty set comes complete with everything children need for bath time and toilet training their dolly. Playing with a doll inspires fun imaginative play. Age: 3 years+.• Set of 7 pieces

  • Partition Play

    An alluring outdoor partition wall with attached shelving ideal for outdoor role play. This unit is perfect for creating imaginative role play environments, will it be a home corner, a shop or a café takeaway at the park, the possibilities are endless.• Made from FSC Pressure-Treated…

  • Play Boat

    All on board for the next great adventure! Facilitate imaginative play, personal, social and emotional development with this attractive play boat. Play boat comes with a mast which can be personalised to the organisation in which it is placed. The sail can include the logo and name of the…

  • Farm Buildings Play Set

    Play out familiar farm activities, with this versatile set. Add grass, leaves, etc., to encourage imaginative play. Feed cattle, collect eggs, harvest crops.• Suitable for age 10 months+• Made from plywood and wood• H27 x W16 x L32cm

  • Role Play Corner

    A lovely outdoor role play unit ideal for outdoor imaginative play. Open ended and versatile this wooden unit can be transformed into a plethora of possibilities. From a shop or kitchen to a receptionist desk this unit will enrich imaginative outdoor role play. •Made from FSC Pressure-Treated…

  • Play Train

    Jump in your next adventure with this entertaining train! Great to encourage role play and imagination development.All units except the train carriage SEN (special educational needs) are delivered fully assembled.• Available in 2 colours only: brown and black• Size of train engine: 1200mm(w) x…

  • Plane Play Centre

    …fliers. Encourages imaginative play as children take to the skies. A great piece of stand-alone playground furniture. Helps to develop gross motor and social skills. Supplied with anti-slip platforms and tested to relevant safety standards ensuring children have the safest play possible. Age: 3…

  • Outdoor Role Play Kitchen

    This wooden kitchen set can be used both indoors and outdoors, promoting social and imaginative play in a variety of environments. It features stainless steel fittings, rust resistant metal hardware and soft close hinges for extra safety. Made from solid eucalyptus timber, keep the kitchen under…

  • Large Play Iceberg

    Perfect for imaginative small world play, create the perfect chilly habitat for play figures with this large iceberg that even has a small pool area and slide. Age: 3 years+• Made from a stone and resin mix• Suitable for outdoor use• Suitable for use with water, sand and snow• 400mm wide

  • Large Play Waterfall

    Perfect for imaginative small world play, pour water down the rocky waterfall into the pool below creating your very own water themed adventures. Age: 3 years+• Made from a stone and resin mix• Suitable for outdoor use• Suitable for use with water, sand and mud• 280mm wide

  • Role Play Panels

    These neutral colour and natural look panels co-ordinate with any environment- the perfect way to create play areas or an imaginative way to divide space. • Shop set includes: Double door panel, Maple counter panel and Chalkboard panel• Drama set includes: Chalkboard panel, Tall arch panel and…

  • Large Play Cave

    Children will enjoy creative play using this large cave. Perfect for imagining what might be lurking or hiding inside. Ideal for small world play and will be a prompt for many adventures that will encourage open-ended and collaborative play. Add figures and natural resources to create something…

  • Rustic Play House Tower

    Create a variety of mini world locations with this wooden, platformed tower. Encourage children to enhance their stories by building their own imaginative landscapes. Each level is finished with beautiful rustic bark edging. Accessories not included.• Not suitable to be left outdoors• Size: 535mm(h)…

  • Car Play Centre

    …journey with their friends. Let their imaginations run free as they take a short journey to the shops or a longer trip to their holiday destination. Supplied with anti-slip platforms and tested to relevant safety standards ensuring children have the safest play possible. Age: 3 years+.• Size:…

  • Boat Play Centre

    Hold on to your hats – our free standing outdoor boat will stimulate children’s imagination as they sail the seven seas and explore the world. They can even eat their lunch and idle their time away on a beautiful summers day at sea. Helps to develop gross motor and social skills. Supplied with…

  • BIG DEAL Outdoor Role Play Kitchen Offer

    This wooden kitchen set can be used both indoors and outdoors, promoting social and imaginative play in a variety of environments. This offer includes all 5 units, sink, oven, washing machine, fridge and microwave. The units feature stainless steel fittings, rust resistant metal hardware and soft…

  • Budget Essentials Animal Play Sets

    These value for money play sets are ideal to stimulate and engage children. Available in 5 different habitats, these sets will allow children to explore using their imagination and connect with their environments. Packaged in a handy clear plastic tub which can also be used for sorting and counting.…

  • London Street Role Play Signs

    These traditional street landmarks are great for encouraging the imagination. Also ideal for using in conjunction with our indoor or outdoor role play toys.• Sign size: 600mm(w) x 1500mm(h)

  • Little People – Sensory Play Set

    These charming little people have been designed to invite play but leave the details as wide open as the children’s imaginations. Characters can be anybody from anywhere and they might be feeling sad, happy, furious, shy, jealous... Made from a unique stone mix, they are wonderfully tactile and…

  • Naturally Playful Welcome Home Playhouse

    …realistic and roomy enough for two or more kids to play make believe. The classic look features extras like a full kitchen, working shutters and even a ringing doorbell. Toddlers and preschoolers will experience endless hours of imaginative play. Age: 18 months+.• Size: 1677mm(w) x 1854mm(h) x…

  • Blank Playing Cards

    Use your imagination to create countless games.• Pack of 200

  • Petrol Station

    Perfect for imaginative play, pull up at the petrol station to top up fuel before carrying on with the journey. Age: 3+•Height 710mm•Width 320mm

  • Zoo Hand Puppets

    Children will enjoy using these animal characters in their imaginative play and to practice their own storytellings. Age: 3 years+.• Set of 4 includes: bear, elephant, giraffe and lion• Size: 240mm(h)

  • Primary Science™ Lab Gear

    Let children look the part when using their tools! This set includes lab style glasses and a polyester/cotton mix lab coat. Spark imaginative play opportunities as children dress up as scientists. Age: 3 years+.• Sold singly

  • Shopping List

    Race to collect your shopping in this fun memory game. This shopping-themed matching and memory game encourages discussion, promotes imaginative play and helps develop matching and memory skills. Age: 3 years+.• 2-4 players

  • Adventure Cabin

    Encourage imaginative playing with this versatile adventure cabin.• Available in 5 colours: black, brown, blue, green and rainbow• Delivered fully assembled• Made from 4,147 milk cartons• Weight: 145kg• Size: 1650mm(w) x 1520mm(d) x 1600mm(h)

  • Smart Snacks® Alpha Pops™

    Put together these fun lollipops to match uppercase and lowercase letters. Great for fine motor skills and imaginative play! Age: 2 years+.• Colour-coded for self checking• Lollipops feature a different letter on each side• Size: 30mm(w) x 100mm(h)

  • People At Work Graphics

    Our ‘People at Work’ graphics, are great for encouraging creative and imaginative play. Perfect for the playground or classroom, these graphics help children to identify different people/occupations and the role they have in society.• Sold singly

  • Grass Covered Teeny Tiny Bridge

    Children will love playing on this outdoor grass covered wooden bridge. Chunky and sturdy, a lovely addition to your play area, this product is great for imaginative play. Add it to your fairy garden or role play area during storytelling. Age: 2 years+.• Size: 1550mm(l) x 500mm(w) x 600mm(h)

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