Incontinence Pads

  • TENA Slip

    …resealed and repositioned to ensure a snug fit. Colour-coded for correct product selection. Excellent leakage protection reduces frequency of pad changes.For the Purchaser: Reduced product usage and continence promotion saves time and money.• Available in 4 absorbency levels•…

  • LILLE Suprem Form Pads

    SUPREM form shaped pads are a range of high quality products. They are an effective solution for managing moderate to severe incontinence. All the products within the range provide high levels of absorption. The user feels dry and comfortable.• Available in 4 absorbency levels• Latex free

  • LILLE Stretch Support Pants

    The LILLE stretch support pants are specially designed pants that will hold shaped incontinence pads in place. The pants reduce the risk of leakage and provide comfort and security. These machine washable support pants are made from a stretchable, breathable fabric, making them both lightweight and…

  • iD Expert Form

    iD Expert Form are anatomically-shaped pads offering an ideal solution for managing moderate to heavy incontinence on mobile or semi-mobile patients. These products provide high levels of absorption, making the user feel dry and comfortable and minimising the risk of skin irritation.• For use…

  • TENA Comfort

    TENA Comfort is a two-piece system that is available in five absorbency levels to meet individual care requirements for moderate to heavy incontinence. • Available in 5 absorbency levels• FeelDry™ layer, locking urine away from skin• All-Round Barrier™ for excellent leakage protection• Latex freeFor…

  • LILLE Suprem Light Pads

    The SUPREM light is a range of products for managing light to moderate incontinence. They are designed for the small urinary losses caused by bladder weaknesses. This range of products provides anti-leakage security, discretion and comfort.• Available in 2 absorbency levels• Latex free

  • TENA Pants

    …wetness indicator which changes from yellow to blue to advise when the pad needs changing.For the Purchaser: The new wetness indicator enables a reduction in overall pad usage, helping to manage the cost of incontinence. • Encourages greater independence• Wetness indicator• Available…

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