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  • Learning Wall

    A classroom must have, with the focal point being the centre area for your interactive whiteboard. This area measures 2000mm(w) x 12500mm(h) and has a solid back to make sure your boards are secured safely.The structure includes: 5 x double cupboards, an open workstation space and 2 x tray units…

  • Optoma Interactive Flat Panel

    Optoma’s multi-touch interactive flat panels available in 65’’, 75’’ and 86’’ boast 4K UHD resolution and a 20-point touch-enabled display, bringing lessons and idea sharing to life in education. Use the built-in operating system, your own device or the OMPC modules to operate.•Resolution: 4K…

  • La Vie Française Photopack

    …laminated photographs showing typical scenes of France and everyday French life throughout the country, featuring images of town and country life, food, geography and Paris.• Size per photo: 210mm x 297mm (A4)• Includes a CD version for use with interactive whiteboards and teachers' guide

  • Wedge Whiteboards

    Double sided magnetic whiteboard facilitates interaction, engages students and aids in development of learning and communication skills. Premium quality and of robust construction, this is a durable quality product manufactured in the UK.The folding whiteboards are extremely portable thanks to the…

  • Jolly Phonics Software for the Whiteboard

    …for use on Promethean, Smart and all other whiteboards• Structured daily sessions for teaching the five skills for reading and writing• Handy step-by-step teacher notes for every session are available on screen or for printing• Interactive lessons with lots of blending, spelling and…

  • BrainSnack© - 300 problem-solving cards with CD

    …groups, to try to complete the challenge that the cards present to them.• Emphasises logical thinking • Can be used individually, in small groups or with a whole class (interactive whiteboard) • Helpful for SATs and other assessment approaches • 300 graded problem-solving cards

  • Panel Add-on's

    Ideal for displays and interactive lessons.• Double sided soft sound velcro • Double sided magnetic whiteboard• Size: 1045mm(w) x 40mm(d) x 560mm(h)

  • Wipe Off Poster Paper Rolls

    These poster paper rolls have a wipe clean finish and are great for creating interactive classroom displays, or a cost-effective way of refurbishing redundant whiteboards! • Colours: Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, White, Sky Blue, Dark Blue, Cream, Pastel Green and Pastel Pink• Size: 760mm x…

  • The Complete Spelling Programme

    …school year• an interactive CD containing additional spelling activities and games to reinforce the concepts covered in the programme• a digital version of the Teachers Guide on which there is a full colour version of the spelling units in the programme, for projection onto an interactive board and…

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