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  • Rainbow Saturn Skippers

    An excellent balance workout that improves coordination, balance and core strength. Children love hopping around the playground on these Saturn skippers as part of a co-operation exercise. Why not challenge the children assist each other to balance on the jump balls?• Pack of 6• Size: 380mm(dia.)

  • Sportshall Junior Standing Long Jump

    Fully graduated, lightweight, folding mat for standing long jump. • Complete with laminated activity card • Suitable for infant/primary use• Ideal for indoor use

  • Jump Trainer

    A useful addition to your circuit training, height adjustable from 100mm to 400mm.Contains:• 2 x cones • 2 x supports• 1 x jump pole

  • First-Play® Jumping Sacks

    These heavy duty canvas sacks with grab handles are the ideal addition for sports days, developing children's balance and movement skills.• Available in 4 colours• Sold singly

  • Jumping Pogo Balls

    An excellent and fun workout, that improves coordination, balance and core strength. Place feet on the platform that surrounds the inflatable ball, squeeze feet together and start to bounce. Great for working in teams, pairs or solo.• Pack of 2• Colour: yellow• Size: 380mm(dia.)

  • Sportshall Junior Standing Triple Jump

    Fully graduated modular mat for standing triple jump or 5 strides. • Comes with laminated activity card and carry bag • Suitable for infant/primary use

  • Sportshall Tip-2-Tip Vertical Jump Measure

    A simple but effective device for measuring jump height relative to the height of the athlete. Can be fixed to any suitable vertical surface.• Complete with laminated activity card• Suitable for all ages • Size: 200mm(w) x 1829mm(h)

  • Sportshall Intermediate Standing Long Jump

    Fully graduated and portable lightweight folding mat for standing long jump. • Complete with laminated activity card and holdall• Suitable for all ages• Size: 500mm(w) x 4000mm(l)

  • High Jump Landing Area - 3 Module with Cut-Outs

    Comprises of:• 1 x centre module- 1.66m(w) x 2.5m(d) x 500mm(h)• 2 x end modules- 1.66m(w) x 2.5m(d) x 500mm(h) with 750mm(w) x 400mm(d) cut-outs• Total size of area- 5m(w) x 2.5m(d) x 500mm(h)• Available with PVC or spikeproof covers• Replacement covers also available…

  • High Jump Landing Area - 7 Module without Cut-Outs

    Comprises of:• 3 x 'A' modules: 1.66m(w) x 2.5m(d) x 255mm(h)• 4 x 'B' modules: 1.25m(w) x 2.5m(d) x 255mm(h)• Total size of area: 5m(w) x 2.5m(d) x 510mm(h)• Available with PVC or spikeproof covers• Replacement modules and covers also available separately

  • Ready, Set, Move - Classroom Activity Set

    Get them moving with this exciting set. Get ready on the bright foam circle mats and roll the huge inflatable dice to select an activity before hopping, leaping and jumping through each fun activity.Includes:•25 Foam Circle Mats•3 Inflatable Cubes•Activity Guide

  • Sportshall Speed Bounce Mat

    Great for testing speed, agility, co-ordination and stamina for all ages. Participants jump two-footed from side to side over the foam wedge. • Base mat size: 2000mm(w) x 32mm(d) x 1000mm(l)• Jump height: 200mm

  • Playground Pals Kit KS1 and KS2

    …with 8 different activities. All the products have been carefully selected to develop skills which are the foundation of the mainstream sports played in schools. Contents may vary.• Develop throwing, catching, kicking, jumping and moving skills.• Ideal for play leaders games at lunch times

  • Visual Effects Sensory Bag

    …Glitter Tubes provide slow movement whilst Jumping Bean Motion is quick and exciting. The Magnifying Glass, Kaleidoscope and Magic Eyes are all visually stimulatingContents (may vary):• Storage bag: 450mm x 350mm• 3 x Ooze tubes• 4 x Jump bean motions• 1 x Spiral tube• 1 x…

  • Deluxe Wooden Noah's Ark

    This beautiful hand crafted wooden ark is a real head turner and certain to get children jumping with excitement. Let the children join Mr and Mrs Noah along with 11 pairs of animals on their epic journey. This product offers great play value with a clean design, chunky animals and made from rubber…

  • First-Play® Team Building Pack

    …help group members to develop their capacity to work effectively together. Consists of five activities - Jumping, Evasion, Movement, Co-ordination and Balance. Contains:• 1 x 3 person jump along• 1 x ball balancer• 1 x 4m caterpillar run mat• 1 x 3 person evasion belt• 1 x…

  • Outdoor Musical Stepping Stones

    …a step, jump, push or wheel across its top.Players can have fun discovering each bell by stepping on different spots – or jumping with both feet to play the chord. Each internal ‘bell’ - when struck - emits a pure tone with a long sustain and the sound intensifies the harder you jump! Please note:…

  • Step A Logs

    …and a ribbed platform to prevent slipping. Children will gain confidence and improve balance as they progress from stepping over short gaps to jumping over wider gaps. Made from strong plastic, these logs can support the weight of an adult. Age: 3 years+.Contains:• 4 stepping logs and 2…

  • Stepping Stones & Step A Logs

    …and a ribbed platform to prevent slipping. Children will gain confidence and improve balance as they progress from stepping over short gaps to jumping over wider gaps. The plastic steps are extremely strong and are supplied already connected together. Logs and stumps sold separately. Stumps contain:…

  • Smart Ball Rechargeable Gameball

    …to engage children who might be reluctant participants in physical activity.• App features more than 16 throwing, catching, tapping and jumping games, for individuals, pairs and teams.• Ideal for bringing STEM and physical activity together with a number of cross curricular games.•…

  • Leg Skips

    These brightly coloured leg skips are ideal for individual play, while helping children to develop their co-ordination, fitness and agility. Simply place the hoop around one ankle, swing the ball in a circle and jump over it with your other leg.• Assorted colours• Pack of 6

  • Freestyle Pogo Stick

    This Freestyle Pogo Set is a pogo stick with a difference. Featuring a jump ball and foot platform, children grip the soft foam handles attached to an elastic cord which expands to suit the child's height. It's an exciting way to develop gross motor skills, balance and keep fit too.• Sold…

  • Our Solar System Mats

    Recreate the solar system on the playground floor and enable children to jump from one to the next as they explore outer space.This 10 piece set includes 8 planets as well as the Moon and the Sun with each being made from thick rubber non-slip mats.Measures approx 81 x 47cm for largest piece and 9…

  • Hexagon Shape Liquid Floor Tiles 4pk

    …tile is filled with a liquid gel so that each step or movement will cause the liquid gel to shift in an array of patterns.They will withstand jumping on and strenuous use by children and adults as well as the weight of wheelchairs. Can also be used on a table top of any flat surface – the non…

  • Fidget Bag

    …vary):• 1 x sensory bag • 5 x finger mats• 3 x tactile animals • 2 x koosh balls• 4 x spine balls • 3 x fiddly fidgets• 1 x spaghetti ball • 6 x bendy men• 1 x textured tangle• 1 x jump bean motion• 3 x glitter tubes• 3 x hedgehog balls

  • Jumbo Playground Kit

    …Bats with 6 x balls and 9 shuttlecocks • 6 x Soft Footballs• 10 x Playbats• 6 x Marshmallow Balls• 4 x Padder Bats• 6 x Bump Balls• 3 x Ribbon Balls• 2 x Jump Balls• 6 x Bumpy Steps• 12 x Coloured Tennis Balls • 12 x Coloured Bean Bags• 2 x Happy Hoppers• 10 x Coloured Skipping Ropes•1 x Mesh Bag

  • TTS Recordable Talking Frogs 10pk

    …words, prompts, messages, directions, etc can be in any language you choose. Imagine having a speckled log and having these frogs that really can jump into the pool whilst really supporting key literacy skills as you sing the rhyme. Use the frogs in small world play activities. Learn about the life…

  • Emotion Faces Throw Down Spots

    A set of visually stimulating, double sided spots, showing fun representations of emotions, with the written emotion on the reverse. Encourage active learning by getting children to run/jump on to the different emotions. Recognising facial expressions and understanding emotions helps children…

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