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  • Bumper Maths Games Kit

    Who said Maths wasn’t fun? This kit contains 16 games to make you the most popular maths teacher around. The bumper kit includes our immensely popular packs of board games, as well as our entire range of bingo games and numeracy Buzzles.Contents: • 6 Maths board games level 1, 2 and 3 •…

  • Student Pack - Kit 4

    This is our new and improved GCSE Student Pack. It's been upgraded with a quality Pink Pig Sketch Book, a full set of Stabilo Fine Line Pens and Staedtler Noris Colouring Pencils. This truly is a fantastic, value for money Student Pack that provides all the resources students will need to produce…

  • BSI Compliant First Aid Kit Refills

    Restock with these refill kits, suitable for the BSI Compliant Value First Aid Kits.• Sold singly

  • Motorised Pulley-Driven Chassis Kit

    Contains all the parts necessary to construct a motorised pulley-driven chassis vehicle. It will demonstrate basic construction skills and is the simplest form of motorised vehicle.• Detailed instructions included• Requires 2 x AA batteries (not included)

  • Big Box Writing Kit

    Great for the department or office, a big box of value combining items from our range of writing products. All stored in a clear polypropylene box, ideal for easy access and convenience.Kit includes:• 100 x Value black drywipe pens • 200 x Value black handwriting pens • 100 x Value…

  • A4 Superlight Classbox Whiteboard Kit

    A4 whiteboard kit containing plain superlight whiteboards, which are 67% lighter than the standard version. Also includes whiteboard pens and erasers all within a compact, clear polypropylene box. Great for indoor and outdoor use, easy access and storage. Kit includes:• 30 x A4 plain double…

  • Peer & Self Assessment Classbox

    Classboxes for peer and self assessment, with a polypropylene box for easy access and storage. Kit includes:• 50 x ballpoint pens• 10 x highlighters• Available in green and pink• Size: 355mm(w) x 100mm(d) x 70mm(h)• Sold as set

  • Build-it Kit

    The Build-it Kit explores strong structures through a set of models incorporating linkages, levers and winders. Pupils investigate why different materials are useful for different tasks and explore how materials are shaped to make them more useful.• Includes TechCard components and…

  • Theatre and Den Conversion Kit

    …be used as a dark den, reading corner, stimulus area for creative writing or theatre settings. Only suitable for large frames.• Den conversion kit contains: clip together roof frame kit, black washable cover, low voltage lighting and storage bag• Low voltage lighting can also be purchased separately

  • Basketball Kit

    This great value basketball kit contains all the kit you need to help get your class playing basketball. Available in 3 sizes.Kit contains:• 12 x Value basketballs• 10 x Core training bibs• 1 x Mesh panel ball sack

  • Netball Kit

    This great value netball kit contains all the kit you need to help get your class playing netball. Available in sizes 4 and 5.Kit contains:• 12 x Sure shot star Netballs• 7 x Red Netball bibs• 7 x Black Netball bibs• 1 x Mesh panel ball sack

  • Exam Kit

    Exam ready kit of mathematical tools supplied in a transparent, exam approved pencil case.• Contains: A compass, pencil, sharpener, eraser, 180° protractor and 30cm ruler

  • Airboat Kit

    The Airboat kit is designed as a basic introduction to model making and is extremely simple to construct whilst demonstrating several principles. The kit contains all the parts necessary to construct a motorised propeller airboat.• Detailed instructions included• Requires 2 x AA batteries…

  • Coaching Kit

    Junior Kit Contains:• 2 x 21" Value tennis rackets• 4 x 24" Value tennis rackets• 4 x 25" Value tennis rackets• 60 x Value tennis balls• 1 x Holdall bagSenior Kit Contains:• 5 x 24" Value tennis rackets• 5 x 25" Value tennis rackets• 60 x Value tennis balls• 1 x Holdall bag

  • Butterfly Kit

    …and feeding. This kit includes everything you need for raising Painted Lady Butterflies.Small Butterfly Kit comes with:• 300mm high butterfly pavilion• Redeemable voucher for 5 caterpillars in order to receive the product through a third partyLarge Butterfly Kit comes with:• 630mm…

  • Light Kit

    Make a periscope, pinhole camera and even a rainbow with this exciting kit. Packed in a colour-coded tray with pupils' worksheets, teacher notes and a contents checklist. The kit contains tubes, torches, prisms, lenses, mirrors and other components. Pupils will enjoy learning about shadows, colours…

  • Biodegradable Experiment Kit

    This kit is great for conducting experiments and demonstrating the bio-degradability of materials in differing media and liquids. It also encourages pupils to bring their own materials to conduct experiments and observe the amount, and rate of degrading over time, in differing materials and liquids.…

  • SAM Lab Steam Kit

    SAM's Steam Kit is the ultimate starter kit to bring SAM into your classroom.Contents: • 2 x SAM Buttons• 2 x SAM RGB LED Lights• 1 x SAM Heat Sensor• 1 x SAM Proximity Sensor• 1 x SAM Buzzer• 1 x SAM Tilt• 1 x SAM Light Sensor• 1 x SAM Pressure Sensor• 2…

  • Electricity Kit

    Basic assortment of components suitable for introductory electronics. Kit consists of: • 10 x crocodile leads• 3 x 1.5V cell holders• 5 x DPDT slide switches• 10 x MES lamp holders• 10 x MES bulbs• 1 x 6V buzzer with connecting leads• 1 x 3-6V electric motor

  • Cooking Essentials Kit

    A kit of equipment suitable for 2 young people. Includes:• 1 x measuring jug• 2 x wooden rolling pins• 2 x wooden spoons• 2 x stainless steel mixing bowls• 4 x chopping boards• 1 x baking tray• 1 x non-stick roasting tray• 2 x potato peelers• 1 x grater

  • BIG DEAL Gardening Kit

    Buy this gardening kit as a perfect start to encouraging new gardeners, and save over 15%.This set includes: • 6 x trowels• 6 x forks• 6 x children's gardening gloves• 1 x watering can• 3 x buckets• 40 x seed pots• 1 x 10 litre multi-purpose compost

  • Move-it Kit

    The Move-it Kit explores how simple mechanisms are used to transmit and alter the forces applied to them. Pupils learn that complex machines are combinations of these simple mechanisms and that these are all, in turn, variations of the lever.• Includes Techcard components and instructions•…

  • Electricity Kit

    A superb kit for both KS1 and KS2 electricity science enquiry. Made from transparent resin, children can clearly see the wiring, connections and thus the electrical path.Contains:• 5 x Black and Red Jack Leads• 2 x MES Bulb Holders• 2 x MES Bulbs• 1 x Buzzer• 1 x Push Switch…

  • Baking Essentials Kit

    A kit of equipment suitable for 2 young people. Includes:• 1 x 12 non-stick bun tray• 1 x loaf tin• 2 x non-stick loose bottom cake tins• 1 x plastic mixing bowl• 2 x cooling racks• 2 x wooden rolling pins• 2 x plastic spatulas• 1 x set of measuring spoons…

  • Badminton Kit

    This great value class pack contains all the equipment needed to help get your class learning and playing Badminton. Available in 3 sizes.Kit contains:• 10 x Badminton rackets • 12 x Shuttlecocks• 1 x Holdall

  • Waterplay Kit

    Children have so much fun playing with this water play kit, they don't even know they're learning about the properties of water! Children can create water canals with see-through plastic tubing, or pour water into the waterwheels and watch what happens. Age: 3 years+.Set includes:• Cups,…

  • Materials Kit

    A selection of materials in the form of rectangular blocks intended to familiarise the student with appearance, feel, texture, hardness and density of a range of common substances. Contains:• Softwood and hardwood blocks• Lead, slate and marble blocks• Aluminium, iron and brass…

  • Gardening Kit

    This gardening set comes in a handy tool bag. Age: 3 years+.Set includes:• 1 x watering can• 1 x fork• 1 x trowel• 1 x gloves• 1 x tool bag

  • Soils Kit

    Set of samples for investigating types of soil, includes peat-loam, sandy, clay and calcareous.• 2kg bags (approx.)• Set of 4

  • Dental Kit

    Complete dental health education set, including the giant teeth demonstration model, toothbrush, 2 minute sand timer, 24 plaque disclosing tablets, 10 dental mirrors and teachers' notes. • 15 piece set• Sold singly

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