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  • Texet SL200B Calculator

    An 8 digit large display desktop dual power calculator with slanted display panel for easy visibility. • 8 digit display• Dual powered• Angled display• Percentage key• Biomaster antibacterial protection

  • Texet FX1500 Scientific Calculator

    Dual powered pocket calculator. 8 digit display. Percentage key. Square root function. Auto power off. Full function memory. • 56 functions • Large 10 digit display • Dual Powered • Easy to use plastic keys • Protective clip on cover

  • Pretend & Play® Calculator Cash Register

    Encourage ICT skills and understanding through role play - a fun way to learn about money. Solar powered calculator with big digit display. Easy to press buttons. Large cash drawer full of life-size play money. Selection of play money and pretend and play credit card included. Age: 3 years+.•…

  • Numbers and Calculations Frieze

    ‘Look up’ maths vocabulary that you don’t understand to see clear explanation and pictorial examples depicted on our large classroom wall frieze. The 20cm panels can be displayed in any order or combination to clarify and provide instant reminders of often tricky maths terms that can have other…

  • Number Crunchers to 20

    This simple to use and yet incredibly versatile set includes 100 large plastic crunchers with sliders to conceal any part of the addition and subtraction calculations to 20. This set does not include number bonds to 10.• Pack of 100 crunchers

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