Large Letter

  • Large Letter Postage Stamps

    Large letter stamps are for larger, thicker or heavier items, including most A4 documents, CDs and magazines.Maximum size: 353mm x 250mm, maximum thickness: 25mm, maximum weight: 750g.• Available in 1st and 2nd class packs• Pack of 50

  • Large Lettering Stencil

    Set of four lettering/signwriting templates with a larger font for bigger applications.• 4-piece set• Font size: 50mm• Includes upper case letters, numerals and characters

  • Large Magnetic Letter Sounds

    …on the top of the whiteboard so that words can be created from letters that have previously been taught. Children can see the process of blending by pushing the letters together and the process of segmenting by pulling the letters apart. • Contains 50 large magnets (height approximately 160mm)

  • Radiator Covers

    …protective wadding in the event of a slip-trip or fall. Not to be used on electric radiators• Multiple covers can be used together to shield larger radiators• Polyester cotton• Wash at 30°C• Height: 860mm• Standard cover size: 1200mm(w)• Large cover size: 1500mm(w)

  • Giant Magnetic Letters - Phase 5

    …foam magnetic letters are a must for whole class phonics instruction, demonstrating and teaching blending and segmenting of the letters learnt at Phase Five of Letters and Sounds. The letter patterns represented are also colour-coded to make learning easier.• Contains 18 large foam magnets…

  • Signwriting Stencil

    Signwriting stencil with large font lettering.• 8-piece set• Font size: 100mm• Includes upper case letters, numbers and characters

  • Wooden Mark Making Frame

    This giant wooden frame is perfect for encouraging mark making and practising letter formation. Encourage children to make large, sweeping movements across the clear surface, developing gross motor skills and pen grip. Children can create their own marks, or follow the movements on the mark marking…

  • Talking Tiles

    …speech, music or sound effects. Includes a removable clear cover that allows you to create pictures, symbols, numbers or letters to match your recordings. The large size and robust housing is ideal for children with visual or motor skill impairments. Talking tiles are tactile and multi-sensory,…

  • Ultra Pencil Grips

    A carefully researched large, soft and comfortable pencil grip, offering the user greater writing control. The Ultra Grip is ambidextrous, with the letters 'R' and 'L' showing the user where to position their thumb. Suitable for children learning to write or experiencing handwriting difficulties and…

  • Lyra Artists Aquabrush Duo Pens

    …brush marker of excellent quality. The nylon fibres have excellent elasticity for use on large surfaces and make the fine tip stable for finer strokes and precise lettering. The water-soluble colours are odour-free and non-toxic.• Fine-tip for precision• Wide brush head for large surfaces

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