Large Whiteboard Rubbers

  • Whiteboard Eraser Large

    Large whiteboard eraser which can be used to hold whiteboard pens.• Felt whiteboard eraser with moulded case• Size: 125mm(w) x 60mm(l) x 45mm(h)• Pens are not included - shown for illustration only• Sold singly

  • Consortium Magnetic Whiteboard Eraser

    Felt based magnetic whiteboard eraser with compartments to hold whiteboard markers.• Size: 145mm(w) x 50mm(d) x 27mm(h)• Sold Singly

  • Consortium Wooden Whiteboard Erasers

    Great quality wooden handled whiteboard erasers.• Wooden handles with felt erasers• Available in two different sizes • Small: 50mm(w) x 34mm(d) x 29mm(h) • Large: 100mm(w) x 34mm(d) x 29mm(h) • Available in packs of 12 and 30

  • Consortium Whiteboard Cleaner & Cloths

    Great value whiteboard cleaner and cloth package, ideal for cleaning and removing ink from whiteboards. • 250ml pump spray• Non-flammable• Pack of 10 large, non-woven, lint-free cloths

  • Consortium Teacher Whiteboard Kit

    Handy whiteboard pack, ideal for teaching staff who are not in one location. • Drywipe markers; pack of 4 assorted colours including black, blue, green and red• Whiteboard cleaning pump spray, 250ml• 10 large non-woven, lint free cloths• Magnetic board eraser• Storage box…

  • Balance Class Kit

    Large selection of equipment that can be used for balance and coordination• 1 x Large Kit Bag• 1 x Air Cushion D30cm• 6 x Circle Floor Markers D24cm• 6 x Balance Boards• 6 x Pairs of Stilts with slip safe rubber base• 24 x Hands and Feet Floor Markers• Age…

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