Laundry Trolley

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  • Polyester Drawstring Laundry Bags

    Durable, strong sacks for dry soiled linen collection and designed to fit a wide range of carts.• For use with Stainless Steel Laundry Trolleys (item codes: 005572-005575)• Drawstring with B-lock closure• Size: 760mm x 1020mm • Sold singly

  • NX1001 Laundry Trolley - Small

    This trolley is ideal where space is at a premium. The laundry bags themselves can be removed, incorporating drag handles and a top closure system. • Foldable for easy storage• Capacity: 100 litres• Size: 460mm(w) x 390mm(d) x 960mm(h)

  • Mobile Janitorial Trolley

    A compact, lightweight multi-functional housekeeping unit with robust tyres to offer durability and a sturdy frame and chassis.• Detachable laundry bag• Contents not included• Size: 440mm(w) x 1150mm(d) x 970mm(h)

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