Learning Location

  • Lovely Learning Location

    A beautifully crafted wooden structure to create a cosy environment in your setting. This versatile, sturdy piece of furniture can be transformed into all manner of themes. Perfect for creating a closed environment while still feeling part of the classroom. Made from Birch Ply and Beech wood with a…

  • Anatomical Torso

    Realistically coloured, dissectible anatomical torso with detailed body parts in the correct proportion and location. A fantastic tool for learning about the major organs and the physical relationship between them.• 11 pieces • Includes key to body parts• Height: 500mm

  • Playhouse Shelter

    …space. Ideal for providing shade and shelter from the elements, or as a base for outdoor learning or role play. Complete with window boxes on either side which can be used for floral decoration or to locate resources during outdoor study. Includes a slightly raised platform. Base and sides delivered…

  • Outdoor Low Tray Table

    …which lends itself to a variety of learning scenarios. This open-ended, robust design features a removable tray for simple filling or cleaning. Low height provides easy access for younger children. Fill with wet or dry materials, build small world locations, or create tracks and town for electronic…

  • BrainBox Animals

    BrainBox Animals is a bright and colourful way to learn about animals; each card has an image of an animal and interesting facts about its diet, size, weight and location.• For 1 or more players• Includes 70 cards, timer and dice

  • Animals Classifying Card Set

    …early learners can practise simple sorting and classifying while older students learn about animals in various settings. Each habitat set includes 24 animal pictures in full colour on one side and class, habitat, location, size, diet, body covering and fun facts on the other side. Age: 5 years+.•…

  • pBuzz

    …first “buzz”. Offering a truly authentic experience of a proper mouthpiece, pBuzz has a range of 6 notes through its moveable slide. Children can learn by many ways with pBuzz including note, slide position and colour to aid the understanding of pitch and varying length. Simple and easy to play the…

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