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  • Learning Resources Gears! Gears! Gears!® Beginners Deluxe Building Set

    Great value jumbo set that's sure to get children creating endless colourful constructions! Set includes a giant storage box filled with gears, cranks, connectors and interconnecting base plates. This gears set will help by introducing the children into the world of engineering games. Age: 3…

  • Early Maths Progress Pack

    Boost essential maths skills and help children to achieve rapid progress with this targeted selection of maths resources. Embed the learning through active play and investigation across your setting! Age: 3 years+.Set includes:• Number Pebbles 1 to 10• Ladybirds Counting Set• Helping Young…

  • Judaism Artefacts Collection

    Build your own resource collection with this core selection of Jewish artefacts. From festivals to daily worship and prayer, these artefacts are a great starting point for a range of Jewish topics and put religious learning into context.Contents:•1 x 9 Branch Hanukiah•1 x Mezuzah…

  • A4 Pastel Coloured Mini Whiteboards

    An assorted pack of A4 pastel coloured whiteboards, ideal as a learning resource to support pupils with special needs/dyslexia.• A4• Cream on one side, with the reverse a pastel colour• Available in plain and a 3 lined board (landscape)• Pastel colours: cream-green, cream-pink,…

  • Kitt the Learning Companion

    …independently, engaging with the robot to gather evidence of progress. Teachers can differentiate effectively using Kitt by personalising the resources on each device.Inclusivity and accessibility is at the heart of Kitt’s design. Teachers are able to customise each Kitt to the needs of his user…

  • Emotions Learning Cards

    Learning cards are a wonderful way to reinforce basic principles, lessons and skills.• Card size: 140mm(w) x 210mm(h)• Set of 22• Includes resource guide

  • Paint Pots Outdoor Learning Boards

    …can be left outside all year round to transform your outside space. The set contains 12 pots, 1 each of red, orange, green, blue, pink, purple, yellow, brown, black, white, grey and gold. A useful resource for teaching and assessing colour recognition.• Set of 12 • Size: 200mm(w) x 300mm(h)

  • Tricky Troll Activity Pack

    Includes 30 multi-sensory activity ideas with printable resources, two sets of Tricky Troll cards and an adorable puppet to keep children engaged and having fun as they come across the words again and again.Introduce Tricky by reading the ‘The Three Billy Goat’s Gruff’, explaining that he is the…

  • Welsh Language Resource Pack

    A great set of resources designed specifically to help children learn Welsh. • People who help us laminated poster 297mm(w) x 420mm(h)• Clothes lotto, includes 6 laminated lotto cards, 12 laminated image cards and 36 giant counters• Emotions cue cards set, includes 12 laminated cue…

  • Spanish Language Resource Pack

    A great set of resources designed specifically to help children learn Spanish.• Days of the week laminated poster (297mm x 420mm)• Colours lotto, includes 6 laminated lotto cards, 10 laminated image cards and 36 giant counters• Months cue cards set, includes 12 laminated cue cards,…

  • Prefixes and Suffixes Resource Pack

    …of understanding the meaning of words. This word building and grammar resource contains 50 magnets consisting of prefixes, suffixes, root words (each colour coded) and blank strips to make up your own root words. Pupils will learn that when a prefix or suffix is added to a root word, the meaning or…

  • Wooden Marble Run

    An active learning resource which will provoke creative thought and problem solving as well as helping develop hand/eye co-ordination, encouraging early maths skills and promoting negotiation and communication between children. Age: 3 years+.• Comes with 42 sustainably sourced beech wood…

  • Algebra Poster Set

    This set of posters is an ideal learning resource for learners who are looking to enhance their understanding of Algebra. Topics covered in this set include Algebra; Solving Equations; Powers; Substitution; Rearranging Formulae; Generating the Terms of a Sequence; Straight Line Graphs. • Set of…

  • Sensory Touch Tags Bean Bag Floor Cushion

    …textured tags for a soft, safe and calming sensory experience. Ideal for children with sensory processing disorders or use an inclusive learning resource. Multiple seating positions availability allows versatile use and is a comfortable safe space for calming down.• Great source of proprioceptive…

  • Cuisenaire® Classroom Multi-Pack

    This numeracy resource set from Learning Resources has enough rods for 12-18 individuals to use together. Rods come in ten different sizes from 1cm to 10cm and feature ten different colours. Each colour represents a different length. Cuisenaire Rods can be used to reinforce a variety of maths skills…

  • Handy Scoopers™

    Get a grip on fine motor skills with the best selling Learning Resources Handy Scoopers! These scissor style scoopers are great for use in sand pit or water trays as they feature holes in their scoops so children can see the water escape. The easy-grip handles promote firm control and encourage…

  • Living, Dead or Never Alive Cards

    A set of 20 sorting cards to allow pupils to consider whether objects are living, dead or never alive. The reverse of each card includes definitions of each category, reinforcing the learning offered by this resource.• Size: A5

  • Wicker Cosy Basket

    Snuggle into this cosy basket, a great floor cushion alternative. Made from wicker. Add cushions, blankets and soft resources for a cosy learning location.• Size 630mm(w) x 1200mm(l) x 310mm(h)• Accessories not included, wicker basket only

  • Outdoor Waterwall

    A fantastic outdoor learning resource, which allows children to explore and experiment with water. Made from high quality, durable, tanalised timber, the water wall also has heavy duty castors to make it easy to manoeuvre and store. To use, fill the top reservoir with water and release the taps. As…

  • Assessing Maths Skills Activity Cards

    Develop confidence and mental fluency with number, place value and calculating. An ideal resource to consolidate children’s learning in basic skills and support them in becoming fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics.• A5

  • Giant Foam Number Rods

    Front of class, large demonstration number rods. Colour matched to support your other number rod resources. A complete concrete learning experience, children can see and feel the maths and follow along with our desktop version.• Pack of 35

  • Christianity Photopack

    This set of laminated photographs are a great resource for learning about Christianity and key events in the Bible. Includes teachers' guide with comprehensive background information.• Includes the Annunciation, Christmas Story, Baptism, The Land of Jesus, Palm Sunday and The Last Supper•…

  • Jolly Phonics Classroom Kit

    Contains a comprehensive set of classroom resources for teaching children to read and write, from learning the letter sounds to alternative spelling and tricky words and decodable reading books.• Contained in a bright case for neat and easy storage

  • Talking Topics

    Develop spoken language skills to aid Reception and Y1 pupils’ learning with this topic based resource. Each set includes 9 activities for a popular Key Stage One topic that progresses from basic vocabulary acquisition to simple oral comprehension through active questioning and response.

  • Maze Balls 1, 2, 3

    …beautiful, these multi-sensory resources will captivate children as they watch the colourful, wooden balls drop through the holes making a clickety-clack sound as they go. Full of learning and development opportunities, the Maze Balls are irresistible resources for any setting. Great for developing…

  • Metallic Threading Set

    Thread, sort and stack this sparkling set of shiny resources. Children will learn about sequencing and develop fine motor skills as they use the laces to make their own patterns.• Suitable for age 3 years and up• Made from plastic• Pack of 36• Size: 2300mm(h) x 1400mm(dia)Contains:• 10 x…

  • Place Value Wall Chart

    Our colourful place value pocket chart is a great interactive resource that several children can share and learn from together. Teach counting, sorting, place value and grouping with this vinyl wall chart. • Sold singly

  • Teaching Tank®

    …easy classroom experiments such as viewing roots, worms and ants in the Teaching Tank. Designed to help develop basic science skills of observation and conceptual learning, it is an ideal resource for all ages from Year 1 to A-Level. • Size: 305mm(w) x 305mm(h)• Includes teachers' guide

  • How Do You Feel Today? Signs

    Recognition, expression, understanding of feelings and the ability to convey emotions is playing an increasingly important part in learning. This is an excellent resource for encouraging children to do just that.• Size of header: 900mm(w) x 225mm(h)• Size of each sign: 450mm(w) x 450mm(h)

  • Punctuation Magnetics

    These magnetic punctuation pieces will brilliantly aid learning to curriculum requirements. The magnetic dry-wipe resource allows them to be used in many different ways whilst enabling children to make quick and easy corrections. Covers all punctuation needed for all year groups in the new…

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